Certified wood

By working closely with our suppliers, we have reached a high level of FSC and PEFC certified wood. Currently, the total volume of certified wood for windows is 96%. When adding US-based production to this figure, our global certification rate is close to 95%.

We continue to work with our European suppliers to reach our target of 100% certified wood and are looking into opportunities to include US-based suppliers in the 100% goal in the coming years. Our Chinese-based production solely sources 100% certified wood from our European production sites.


100% certified wood in European window products by 2021.

2020 Performance

99.6% FSC or PEFC certified wood in European windows.


Rate of certified wood

We have incrementally increased the share of certified wood in European products over the years.
Rate of certified wood



In 2020, 86% of employees for whom it was relevant had completed the anti-corruption course.

Code of conduct for suppliers

100% of our suppliers had signed the code of conduct for suppliers.

Supplier quality audits

We conducted 80 supplier quality audits.