Meet your future colleagues

How Marie pushes sustainability to the next level

Change, challenges and new ideas are a big part of VELUX. And they are also a big part of Marie’s nature. With a background in Sustainable Forest Management she uses her passion for wood and nature to make VELUX even more sustainable every single day – especially through circularity which means reducing and reusing to make the most out of the resources we need.

How two simple things mean everything to Claus

When asked what makes Claus come into work, he boils it down to two things: “First of all, it is the people who work here. There is a special trust and bond between us. Second, a good idea can come from anywhere and everyone here is encouraged to speak their mind – and I certainly do. Perhaps that is why I work as a good link between the production and development teams today”.

How Sigurd looks ahead, so we’re never stuck in the past

Robots and artificial intelligence are just another day at the office for Sigurd. From exoskeletons that help colleagues carry the heavy load to software that finds flaws in wood, Sigurd enables the use of the latest technology in VELUX’ production – and eases the lives of his colleagues at the same time, to everyone’s benefit.

How Agnieszka turns rigid into smooth

The smoother it is, the better it is. That is the mindset of Agnieszka who finds new creative ways to turn a rigid process into simple steps. Or as she says herself: “If I think something can be improved, I have the freedom to find a solution. And that spirit has made our processes simpler and has freed valuable time to focus on the work itself”.