How Agnieszka turns rigid into smooth

Agnieszka Stepinska
Global Process Owner, Requisition-to-Purchase (Business Services)


Agnieszka has a bigger impact on her colleagues’ lives than they might think. Not many think of it, but every time a pen, projector or even electricity in a factory is bought, chances are it goes through her. Either directly because she makes sure the purchase-order is approved or indirectly because she has made the whole process easier and more effective.

Being down to earth she jokingly calls herself “a cleaner”. Obviously not in the literal sense, but in terms of removing any clutter that gets in the way of making a process more complicated than it should. “The smoother it is, the better it is” Agnieszka says and continues: “There is so much time wasted in large companies, waiting for other people, and if I can remove some of the day-to-day hassle for myself or anyone else at VELUX, it is worth my time – and theirs, for that matter”.

According to Agnieszka, it is in her very nature to be like that. So much so that she developed the training and the go-to how-to when it comes to Requisition-to-Purchase. “It’s four years ago already, but I guess it is something I am pretty proud of because it is still being used. We just found ways to make it better and more simple, and then it was approved. It is this kind of freedom and pro-active spirit that is great at VELUX: If you have a better way to do things, and you take the initiative, chances are they will happen. Just because things have to be by the book, does not mean you can’t rewrite it once in a while – I like that!”, she explains.

She continues to compare it with the likes of architects: “Creativity and practicality must go hand in hand. A great idea is not enough if it can’t be implemented in the real world and I guess that is why I love what I do: I have the freedom to make things better and to implement them – for my own sake and for my colleagues around the world”.

Just because things have to be by the book, doesn’t mean you can’t rewrite it once in a while – I like that!

Agnieszka Stepinska, Global Process Owner, Requisition-to-Purchase (Business Services)

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