How Sigurd looks ahead, so we’re never stuck in the past

Sigurd Lazic Villumsen
Technology Expert, Production Technology & Engineering


Robots, artificial intelligence and exoskeletons. No, it is not the tagline of a sci-fi movie, but just some of the things Sigurd works with on a daily basis. And even if it is “just another day at the office”, Sigurd admits that he enjoys coming into work.

But it is not just because of the technology alone. Rather it is the perspective it has in terms of what it means for VELUX and the people who work here: “it fascinates me to see what we can achieve when integrate new technology into our organisation – how we can ease the burden of someone who has to lift and carry many kilos every day. Or how we can spot flaws in wood in a faster and more efficient way. Basically, it is just new tools in our toolbox”, he explains.

And the fact that these technologies aren’t just something that hides in the darkness of an R&D department, but that they actually see the light of day, is something that makes it worth Sigurd and his colleagues’ while.

According to Sigurd, having the human in focus is important when discussing technology. It has to be useful and solve a problem – otherwise it is just technology for technology’s sake. That is also the case with Virtual Commissioning which is a project Sigurd is working on at the moment. 

“When creating a new machine in our production facilities, it used to be a long process, where it had to be designed, then ordered, then assembled and finally programmed to do its task. But now we have flipped that on its head, so we can already simulate how it works before it is even assembled, and that is a pretty big deal”, he explains.

It is thanks to people like Sigurd that VELUX prepares for the future. Because as he so casually says: “It is only by looking ahead that we make sure we don’t get stuck in the past”.

It is only by looking ahead that we make sure we don’t get stuck in the past

Sigurd Lazic Villumsen, Technology Expert, Production Technology & Engineering

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