Customer solutions

Our goal is to develop products that increase quality of life and well-being for homeowners while benefiting society as a whole. This means offering products with a reduced carbon footprint and that are designed to maximise the benefits of daylight and fresh air to improve indoor climate while contributing to energy-efficient buildings.

VELUX electric roof window

Digital products for wellbeing

We spend up to 90% of our time indoors which means the first step towards a healthy and sustainable life starts at home. Our products help to create a healthy indoor climate by bringing in more daylight and fresh air into buildings. By offering automatic sensor-driven solutions that measure humidity, temperature and CO2 levels, we  make it easier to optimise indoor climate and contribute to more energy efficient buildings.

Read more about how digital products can help secure indoor comfort and energy savings in our Sustainability report (p. 33).

Embracing circularity

Longevity is the foundation for the circular economy, and for the last 80 years we offered high quality products that fulfill their function for decade.

We are now taking the next step to contribute to the circular economy. We are working to increase the share of recycled materials we use, to ensure all our products are design for circularity and to find more ways with our customers to keep products and materials in use as long as possible.

We work to reduce the amount of packaging world-wide and limit the use of plastics. This makes recycling easier.

Read more about how we have removed plastic from all packaging materials in our Sustainability report (p. 39).

VELUX roof window packaging
House with VELUX roof windows

Decarbonising products

By 2030, we will halve the carbon footprint of our value chain. The majority of our footprint relates to materials used in our products. We are working to integrate recycled materials into our products and to work with our suppliers to source these materials and to develop joint decarbonization roadmaps up to 2030.

The recent product launch of our Nature Collection blinds showed how it is possible to create blinds that cut the carbon footprint of our products. The blind profiles are made from aluminium, which contains a minimum of 75% recycled post-consumer aluminium scrap. Furthermore, they use 50%  recycled textiles.

Sharing knowledge about daylight

Daylight shapes how we experience indoor spaces and is a key part of all healthy buildings. To help professionals understand and use daylight to the full advantage when designing new buildings, we offer a number of tools, such as the VELUX Daylight Visualizer. This is used by many architects and building professionals to predict and document daylight levels. The Daylight Visualizer can also generate automated reports that can evaluate and document compliance with the European Standard for Daylight in Buildings EN 17037. 

Office with two VELUX roof windows