About the VELUX Group

For more than 80 years, the VELUX Group has created better indoor environments by bringing daylight and fresh air into homes and other buildings all over the world. The VELUX Group was founded in Denmark and is today an international company with a presence in more than 36 countries.

The most important prerequisite for all life and work is light.

VELUX Founder Villum Kann Rasmussen

A model company works with products useful to society and treats its customers, suppliers, employees of all categories and shareholders better than most other companies. A model company makes a profit which can finance growth and maintain financial independence.

VELUX Founder Villum Kann Rasmussen, 1965


The VELUX Group is owned by VKR Holding A/S, a limited company wholly owned by VILLUM FONDEN and the Kann Rasmussen family. The VELUX Group’s financial results are incorporated into VKR Holding’s consolidated accounts. In 2021, VKR Holding had total revenue of DKK 26.1 billion and THE VELUX FOUNDATIONS donated EUR 244 million in charitable grants.


Lars Petersson, CEO
Anders Götzsche, EVP and CFO
Tina Mayn, EVP Products
Keith Riddle, EVP Sales & Marketing 
Jörn Neubert, EVP Supply
Iben Schmidt Helbirk, EVP People & Organisation

VELUX headquarters


With 27 production sites in 11 countries and sales companies in 36 countries, our products are widely available. We employ 12,500 people and our company is headquartered north of Copenhagen in Denmark.