A belief in the value of diversity

We are committed to our DEI mission: to foster a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace that enables everyone to thrive. Each VELUX employee has a unique set of perspectives, identities and experiences.

By proactively creating inclusive environments that celebrate and leverage this diversity, we enable individuals and teams to utilise their full potential. This increases innovation, agility and quality of work –strengthening our competitive edge and capacity to grow and thrive as a sustainable business.

Making VELUX a great place to work for everyone

We want all of our employees to experience VELUX as a positive workplace – whether they are just starting their career or have been with the company for decades. To create a fair and equitable workplace, we have implemented a number of initiatives.

These include mandatory unconscious bias training for all leaders, bias reduction efforts in the hire process and DEI questions in our Global Employee Survey. Furthermore, all managers are trained in our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion policies and we continually monitor progress on the steps we have taken.


Mutual respect – a cornerstone of our culture

Mutual respect is one of the six VELUX Values. It is seen every day in the way we work together and treat each other.

We want all VELUX employees to make the effort to understand others, treat them with respect and recognise the unique set of perspectives and beliefs that every employee brings to work with them each day.