Policies that ensure responsible and sustainable business practices

Our policies are key to delivering on our sustainability promises. They guide our daily activities and ensure that we and our suppliers do business based on respect and integrity. Read more about our policies below.


Social responsibility and sustainability policies

Our CSR & Sustainability Policies provide high-level guidance on how we conduct business throughout our entire supply chain. The policies are built on the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy

In the VELUX Group, we are committed to providing a safe and motivating work environment where people are treated fairly. We do this by fostering a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment that enables everyone to thrive.

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Code of conduct for suppliers

The Code of Conduct for suppliers outlines our expectations to our suppliers. It ensures that all our products and services are developed and manufactured in a responsible way throughout our value chain.


Chemical compliance for suppliers

The VELUX Restricted Substance Management Standard ensures that we and our suppliers meet the legal requirements regarding chemicals used in our materials and products. It informs our suppliers of the chemicals and materials we must exclude from our products altogether and the threshold values regarding other chemicals or materials. All suppliers are required to sign the Standard.

Code of conduct for employees

We are firmly committed to conducting our business lawfully and ethically. Therefore, we have developed the VELUX Code of Conduct for employees. It is our compass to show the way for when we are in doubt about our own, our managers’ or our colleagues’ actions, and it describes the main principles of ethical behaviour and our expectations towards all VELUX employees.

Anti-corruption policy

We apply a zero-tolerance approach to corruption and we train our managers and employees in the VELUX Anti-Corruption Policy who may be exposed to the risk of bribery due to their roles. The policy guides employees in their everyday work and requires management to ensure that bribery does not occur by formulating local guidelines concerning the receipt of gifts, entertainment and the avoidance of facilitation payments.

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Human rights

We are committed to respecting human rights. This includes principles set forth in the International Bill of Human Rights and the Core Labour Conventions of the International Labour Organization (ILO). Our work with human rights goes beyond our own activities and we set high standards for suppliers in regards to human rights, labour rights, working conditions and non-discrimination policies.

Quality requirements

We believe that the quality of raw materials is best secured at our suppliers and we strive to move all aspects of quality control as far upstream as possible. Our suppliers are expected to implement quality system activities to ensure ongoing quality planning, control and improvement.