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  • Capture our historical carbon footprint
  • Reduce our future carbon footprint
  • Show how to build sustainably
  • Innovate digital products for sustainable living
  • Reduce our product carbon footprint
  • Green our packaging
  • Ensure diversity and an inclusive culture
  • Increase number of women in management positions
  • Employ people with disabilities
  • Strive for zero accidents
  • Provide healthy workspaces
  • Reduce air travel and switch to zero emission cars
  • Achieve zero waste
  • Share sustainable innovations
  • Promote a circular economy

Employing people with disabilities 

We have set a target for 3 percent of employees with disabilities by 2030 because diversity and an inclusive culture are essential in a workplace.

Disability - Wheelchair

Creating equal opportunities

Creating and maintaining a diverse and inclusive culture is, quite simply, the right thing to do. It’s about creating equal opportunities for everyone and it is in line with our Model Company Objective. We need multiple perspectives in our workplace and it is also our social responsibility to employ people with disabilities. 

Other diversity and inclusion targets are set for:

Fostering creativity and innovation for a diverse and inclusive workforce

Diversity and inclusion are likely to foster a more creative and innovative workforce. By working with people from different backgrounds, experiences and working styles, we get varied perspectives on current practices and can challenge the status quo. Diverse views are likely to prepare the ground for better decisions and thus drive a high-performance culture. This approach is often referred to as ‘diversity of thought’.

The difference between diversity and inclusion

Diversity focuses on the makeup of our workforce-demographics (the ‘what’ and the ‘who’) such as gender, nationality, age to name a few, and inclusion is a measure of the culture that enables diversity to thrive (the ‘how’). Diversity is about counting the numbers and creating the foundation, inclusion is about embracing diversity and making the numbers count.  ‘Diversity of thought’ is referred to as differences in thinking styles. It is not a target as such, but a desirable outcome of successful diversity and inclusion efforts.