Built to Last

All VELUX products are designed for durability. They are built to last and easy to maintain, upgrade and repair. Most people spend more than 90% of their time indoors making indoor air quality an important concern – especially as buildings become more airtight to increase energy efficiency. Ventilation is important to ensure fresh air and to remove pollution from human activities, such as cooking and breathing, as well as from furniture and electronic equipment.


Ensuring a long product life is a central part of our sustainability work. VELUX products go through a number of different durability tests before they are put on the market to ensure their high quality and long lifetime. These tests include mechanical tests, as well as ageing tests, such as UV exposure, anti-corrosion, temperature and humidity exposure.

Air Quality

All VELUX window variants are tested according to the French Regulation on volatile organic compounds – also known as VOC – for emissions from construction products. The French Regulation on VOC emissions has limit values for 10 different VOCs and requires a mandatory label on the product. All VELUX windows have the best class A+ rating.

In addition, our main products GGL, GGU, GPL and GPU carry a EUROFINS Indoor Air Comfort attestation that documents compliance with several different pieces of legislation and voluntary schemes regarding emissions of VOCs.


To promote material efficiency and extend the lifetime of VELUX products, we offer a range of interior and exterior accessories, such as blinds, awning blinds and shutters. They are available for current products, as well as previous generations, to keep windows up to date with changes in building requirements and user demands. For example, a customer with a non-electric window can make it part of a smart home with a VELUX ACTIVE kit and motors.


In addition to the highest quality materials used in our windows and our extensive testing program, VELUX makes spare parts available at a reasonable price for all windows for many years after purchase. This means that even though the window might be decades old, its lifetime can still be prolonged. For example, most spare parts for roof windows, flashings and installation products are available for 25 years after the initial purchase.

Furthermore, a range of repair kits (paints and lacquers) for windows is available to keep VELUX roof windows functioning and looking great.

VELUX product guarantee

If for any reason, a product fails to deliver the expected performance, it is covered by our guarantee program. All standard VELUX roof windows come with a 10-year guarantee while there is a 3-year guarantee on VELUX roller shutters and blinds.