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Active House, a new framework for
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Imagine a building that brings human health and well-being front-of-stage, while at the same time producing more energy than it uses. That is the vision of an Active House, a set of building principles for future buildings shared and applied by the international building community.

A number of standards and building codes have emerged during the last 10-15 years to deal with the energy and environmental aspects of buildings. But few consider the health aspect and go on to utilise a holistic approach to building design and renovations.

The one exception is the Active House framework, which aims to create healthier, more comfortable lives for occupants while also delivering environmental and climate benefits.

The Active House building principles, increasingly applied by the international building community, introduces a holistic approach towards building design, balancing three main principles for new-build and renovation projects: comfort, energy, and environment.

“Improved comfort in the home and reduced energy costs are the main triggers when people decide to renovate their home. This was one of the main findings in the Healthy Homes Barometer 2015 study, revealing that there is a demand in the market for buildings that combine comfort, energy and environment,” says Kurt-Emil Eriksen, General Secretary, Active House Alliance. 

26 buildings based on Active House principles

The VELUX Group is one player in the building sector to have implemented Active House principles.

Its 26 demonstration buildings,  built or renovated in 12 countries with differing climatic conditions, prove that it is possible to take buildings to the next level, and shift away from energy-intensive buildings towards active houses.

It is rewarding to live in a home that gives more than it takes. We enjoy the daylight streaming into all rooms, the fresh air, and then it is very satisfying to know that we produce our own energy,” says Irina Oldendorf, who has lived with her family in a German Active house, the LichtAktiv House, for a test period of two years.

About Active House Alliance

The Active House Alliance is organized as a non-profit organisation and is supported by a growing number of industries, consultants, contractors and organizations within the global building community. National Active House Alliances have been set up in several countries to drive the agenda. The VELUX Group is one of the co-founders of the alliance.

Three Active House principles:

  • Comfort: the building creates a healthier and more comfortable life
  • Energy: the building contributes positively to the energy balance of the building
  • Environment: the building has a positive impact on the environment.


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