The VELUX Values

The VELUX Values guide our everyday work. As VELUX employees, the values are our compass for decision-making in both good and challenging times. They represent ‘the how’ behind our Model Company Objective, purpose and strategy. The values respect the Model Company Objective and help us advance in line with our purpose. VELUX Values bring our Model Company Objective, our Purpose and our Strategy closer to our everyday work.

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Commitment in VELUX is our shared dedication to achieve our common ambitions and shape the future together. We are driven by our passion to do a great job in everything we do and we take responsibility to deliver our best effort, individually and as one global team. We are committed to the same future and achieve great things because we empower and trust one another. Commitment is simply the fact that we will always look at rooftops differently, seeing the potential to bring more daylight and fresh air.

Mutual Respect

Across VELUX, mutual respect is a cherished cultural cornerstone exemplified in the way we collaborate and interact. Our innate care and respect for others mean we continually make the effort to understand others to treat them how they would like to be treated. We work and act in ways that respect our colleagues, recognising that each of us has a unique set of perspectives, identities and experiences. At the end of the day, mutual respect brings out the best in us and is the foundation for all our values to flourish.

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Customer Centricity

Customers are our core. Meeting their needs is the reason we exist and the reason we stay in business. In VELUX, that means putting those who live, work and play under the roof at the centre of our thoughts and actions. Our end-customers know their own needs best, so naturally we embrace opportunities to involve and learn more about them. When we are close to our end-customers, we can better understand and anticipate their future needs and thus create the most meaningful experience for them.

Social Responsibility

We aspire to be a Model Company in all aspects of our work. We are conscious of the way we run our business and how the services and products we create impact people and planet. Recognising that our impact is only as good as the well-being it creates, we are driven to radically innovate solutions for a sustainable future. This responsibility translates into action from each one of us. We act with integrity and the highest ethical standards – and ask the same of our partners to drive positive change in our sector and beyond. Our responsibility to make a positive difference is anchored in our ownership and embedded in who we are as a company.

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We need courage to succeed in a continuously changing environment and positively impact the future. Whether we set trends or take inspiration from the outside world, we dare to set ambitious targets. In VELUX, we are open to trying things we have never done before because we know stagnation is worse than failure. We encourage and support one another to experiment, develop, learn and grow. We seize opportunities and act on them and in success and failure, we keep an open mindset and act with courage to move forward. 


We strive to have a learn-fast attitude that allows us to act swiftly and create results for the benefit of VELUX and our customers. We aim to be flexible and adapt to our environment and situation, respecting the balance between making things happen without compromising on quality. To continue innovating and shaping the future, experiments will always be at home in VELUX. We know that when we dare to test, fail and learn fast, we stay open to new and exciting possibilities.

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