Get all the information you need to be a supplier of the VELUX Group.

With more than 80 years of experience producing daylight and transforming spaces for families across the world, VELUX has built strong relationships with our suppliers and have long standing partnerships with local and global companies. The initial engagement with our suppliers is crucial for a long term relationship and ensuring that we get it right first time.

To strengthen the impact of our supplier engagement, we aim to engage our partners on our sustainability journey by introducing sustainability criteria in our procurement requirements.

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Useful information for our current and future suppliers

All our suppliers are required to uphold and sign the VELUX Code of Conduct regardless of whether they supply Products, Goods or Services and are subject to regular monitoring as well as spot checks. All suppliers of physical products and Goods or those who bring physical products into VELUX facilities (e.g. contractors with cleaning materials and chemicals) or are used in the presence of VELUX employees (e.g. leased facilities) must comply with the VELUX Restricted Substances Management Standard (VRSMS).

As a guide to our suppliers, we have published a set of Requirements, for suppliers to understand their responsibilities and our expectations to the relationship.

The Requirements for VELUX Suppliers (RVS) outlines our minimum expectations for our Suppliers. The purpose of this document is to communicate our general requirements to all suppliers in one document.

To create a smooth onboarding,  VELUX uses SAP Ariba for new suppliers. To learn more about our digital sourcing platform please go to our e-sourcing pages.