VELUX Group management

David Briggs

David Briggs


David Briggs is CEO of the VELUX Group. David began his VELUX career in France in 1991. Since then, he has held a number of key management positions within the VELUX Group, including General Manager of the VELUX Great Britain sales company.

David was also responsible for establishing Altaterra, a sister company of VELUX Group. Before being appointed CEO in January 2018, he was Senior Vice President for Sales, Product Development and Product Management and a member of the VELUX Management Group. David has a degree in Business Administration from Middlesex University and École supérieure de Commerce de Reims.

Peter Bang

Peter Bang

Executive Director and CFO

Peter Bang is Executive Director and CFO of the VELUX Group. Peter began working for VELUX in 1994 and has held several positions in both Denmark and Switzerland.

Peter was appointed VELUX Group CFO in 2002, Group Director and CFO in 2011 and took his current position as Executive Director and CFO in 2018. Peter has a degree in economics and finance from Cranfield School of Management in the UK and Aarhus University in Denmark.

Tina Mayn

Tina Mayn

SVP Products

Tina Mayn is Senior Vice President for Products in the VELUX GROUP, which includes Innovation, Research & Development and the VELUX Product Programme. Tina joined VELUX in 2018 from a position as Executive Vice President of Research and Development, Product Portfolio and Global Marketing at Nilfisk.

Tina has extensive leadership experience within product management, product development, innovation, procurement and change management. Tina has an MBA from The European Institute of Purchasing Management (EIPM) in France.


Keith Riddle

Keith Riddle

SVP Sales & Marketing

Keith Riddle is Senior Vice President for Sales and Marketing in the VELUX Group. Keith is responsible for the global development of the VELUX brand in working towards the Group vision of delivering better living environments with daylight and fresh air through the roof.

Keith joined VELUX in 2003 in the UK, where he worked as Managing Director for more than 13 years. Prior to joining the VELUX Group, Keith worked in various sales and marketing roles in the international beverage business at Diageo. Keith has a BA in history from The University of Edinburgh and an MBA from Durham University.

Jørn Neubert

Jörn Neubert

SVP Supply 

Jörn Neubert is Senior Vice President for Supply in the VELUX Group. Jörn is a qualified engineer and has extensive experience in production and technology. He began his career with Mercedes and joined ITT Automotive after graduation, where he remained for 13 years and progressed to Plant Manager, responsible for more than 900 employees.

Prior to joining The VELUX Group in 2018, Jörn was Vice President of the Norma Group, with responsibilities for the operation and supply chains of 27 manufacturing plants around the world.

Nicolas Limbach

Nicolas Limbach

SVP Commercial

Nicolas Limbach is Senior Vice President for VELUX Commercial in the VELUX Group. Nicolas is responsible for the full scope of activities of the Commercial Division.

Nicolas joined the VELUX Group in 2019 from a position as Managing Director of Rockpanel, a subsidiary of the ROCKWOOL Group. Throughout his career, Nicolas has worked in different industries such as consulting, electronics, or building materials. He is a qualified engineer and has a Masters of Aerospace Engineering from the University of Michigan, plus an MBA from HEC School of Management in Paris and New York University. 

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