We serve a higher purpose than just our business

A woman in a forest

A partnership connecting the past and the future

As an organisation, the VELUX Group has a responsibility to do right by the planet and its inhabitants. In collaboration with WWF, we will capture our historic CO2 footprint through forest conservation, while simultaneously reducing our future carbon emissions. It is an ambitious goal which can only be reached through the support of our employees. One such employee is Ingrid Reumert, Vice President of External Relations & Sustainability, who is one of the driving forces behind the company's current sustainability initiatives.

Equality isn’t a goal. It’s a necessity

In natural sciences, women are significantly underrepresented. That is indeed a challenge. VILLUM FONDEN supports initiatives that tackle obstacles in our society and has recently funded the Villum International Postdoc Programme. One of the recipients of the grant presented by the programme is Freja Nygaard Rasmussen, PhD student, who is passionate about creating a future where sustainable buildings are the norm.
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