RenovActive is a set of scalable and affordable design parameters that can optimise comfort, energy and indoor air quality in homes.  RenovActive has been successfully replicated in several homes in a social housing project in Belgium and a private home in Slovakia.


RenovActive’s building elements include:

  • Attic conversion to add space, improve ventilation, and gain light from above

  • Increased window area to increase levels of natural light

  • Staircase shafts for daylight and ventilation

  • Dynamic sun-screening for indoor temperature control and comfort

  • Hybrid ventilation systems that combine natural ventilation with automated systems

  • Improved thermal envelope to optimize energy performance

  • Building extensions to increase space in the home

Fact-based living

RenovActive is based on solid building principles and decades of research on indoor environments and comfort. The results are clear – it works.

A study of the family members living in the RenovActive demonstration house in Belgium revealed considerable health benefits.

Benefits of the RenovActive concept include: 

  • Energy bill reductions by up to 50% after renovation

  • High levels of indoor comfort

  • Cooler indoor temperature during heatwaves

  • More daylight, especially in late afternoon and early evening

  • Double the light from roof windows, when compared to vertical windows

  • Better health and fewer allergy symptoms reported by occupants

  • Optimal temperature control, with temperatures in the home staying between 21-26°C 

In collaboration with Active House

The RenovActive concept was created based on ActiveHouse principles and specifications. The Active House Alliance is a broad and well-consolidated partner platform between public, private and industry stakeholders, plus consumers that aims to define tomorrow’s building as a balance between comfort, energy efficiency and low environmental impact. The Alliance has defined a series of technical parameters to guide building designers called the Active House principles. 

Proven effective

The RenovActive concept has proven successful in several homes in Europe.

Brussels, Belgium – In May 2016, the VELUX Group officially opened the RenovActive demonstration house in Brussels. To implement RenovActive, we joined forces with "Le Foyer Anderlechtois", a social housing association which owns 3,740 housing units in Brussels. An 80m² semi-detached house built in the 1920s and in an advanced state of disrepair has been completely renovated for better indoor comfort. 

Sala, Slovakia - The model renovation of a typical square house from the 1970s is inspiring people in Slovakia and other countries nearby about how to affordably renovate their private homes while at the same time achieving a healthier and more energy-efficient living space. The house in Sala was officially inaugurated in September 2019.