Students and graduates in VELUX

In VELUX, we see great value in working with students. It helps us see the future through their eyes and be inspired by their view on technology trends and find new ways to transform spaces using daylight and fresh air.

In VELUX, our Model Company Objective, formed in 1965, means we treat our planet, society and employees better than most other companies.  As a financially independent company, we create real impact every year by reinvesting in society and our planet through our foundations. If you are currently a student or have recently graduated, there are several ways to join us on our journey. You can strengthen your competencies via a student assistant role, an internship, or write an ambitious theses while working alongside passionate people in VELUX.

Student assistant

In VELUX, we want to help you have a good start to your professional life. Our student assistant positions are designed to help you grow every day. We often have student assistant roles available in engineering, architecture, IT, HR, sales, marketing, finance and more. Are you ready to join us?

VELUX employee

VELUX employee


Are you looking for new perspectives on your studies, the building industry, or yourself as a professional? Become an intern in VELUX and you might gain this and more. We can promise you a meaningful experience which will grow your competencies, personally and professionally. Submit your interest using the button below, if you would like to join the VELUX family as an intern. You will hear from us if we find a good match within our organization.

Project work and theses

In VELUX, we believe that the best way to learn is from new challenges and through collaboration. With VELUX you have the opportunity to engage in ambitious projects and initiatives  run by equally ambitious people and external partners. We are excited to hear more about you and your professional interests. If you would like to write a project or a thesis with us, submit your interest using the button below. You will hear from us if we find a good match within our organization.
VELUX employee

VELUX employee

Graduates and early career professionals

In VELUX, we welcome employees at all stages of their career and we make an effort to offer the right opportunities to everyone who joins us. We do not have traditional graduate programme. Instead, we encourage you to apply for any vacancy that you believe is right for you and will take you in the direction you would like.

Meet students in VELUX

Mei Therkelsen

Student Assistant in Sustainability Integration, Østbirk

“Our community allows Youngsters to learn even more about what’s happening in our different departments and creates great connections that can be used in both personal and work settings.”

Cecilie Højsgaard

Student Assistant in Brand Management, Hørsholm

“Especially as a young professional at VELUX, I think there are a lot of opportunities to uncover your interests and explore your strengths.”

Francesca Mus

People Development Specialist, Hørsholm

“Every day, I get to learn from my amazing colleagues, each contributing to a vibrant and enriching work environment.”

Avantika Nair

Project Manager, IT, Hørsholm

“I started working at VELUX as a student worker in 2019. From then, the almost 5 following years have been a great journey for me!” 

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