Students and graduates

Working with students and graduates helps us look into the future through their eyes. Often we are inspired by their takes on technological trends and their ideas for new ways to spread the benefits of daylight and fresh air.

If you are currently a student or have recently graduated, you might be interested in an opportunity to further develop yourself within the VELUX Group. You can strengthen your competencies through a student job, apprenticeship, internship, or perhaps even write your project or thesis in collaboration with us. With VELUX you have the opportunity to engage in ambitious projects and initiatives that are run by equally ambitious people and external partners. After all, the best way to improve is to learn from new challenges – and not least from the people working alongside you to solve them. 
As an employee at the VELUX Group, you are encouraged to experiment, try alternatives and learn by doing. The work environment encourages a culture that relies more on initiative and a proactive spirit rather than seniority or top-down management. 
We strongly encourage you to stay updated through our career site and our global LinkedIn company page, where we are continuously looking for bright minds to join us. Furthermore, architecture students can participate in the International VELUX Award (IVA).

Bright colleagues