Energy renovation resonates
with European home-owners

The European Healthy Homes Barometer 2015 reveals that the desire to save energy is one of the most important drivers when people decide to renovate their home. The energy bill is also a concern when people decide to move to a new home.

What do Europeans consider a healthy home, what are their primary priorities when creating comfortable living spaces, and can society expect people to demand more energy efficient buildings?

To shed more light on people’s perception of the connection between a healthy living and the home, the VELUX Group commissioned in 2015 the Healthy Homes Barometer survey among 12,000 Europeans in 12 countries.

Energy savings a renovation driver

51% make home improvements to cut the energy bill that was one main finding in the survey.

reasons europeans renovate

Europeans: Comfort is king

The human factor should however not be overlooked. In fact, indoor comfort is along with improved energy savings, according to the survey, a main trigger among Europeans when looking for a new home or when deciding to renovate their homes. The human factor is king.

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Background information – Healthy Homes Barometer 2015

In total, the Healthy Homes Barometer measures nine indicators of perceptions, attitudes and behaviours related to a healthy home, including environmental and energy aspects.

1 What does healthy living mean to Europeans?

2 How concerned are Europeans about an unhealthy home?

3 Who are responsible for ensuring healthy buildings?

4 How important is daylight at home to Europeans?

5 How important is indoor air quality to Europeans?

6 How do Europeans experience the quality of their sleep?

7 Do Europeans link indoor climate to health?

8 How important are home energy costs to Europeans?

9 How important is the environmental impact of the home to Europeans?


decide to invest in home improvements in order to save energy


of Europeans use indoor air quality and daylight as primary criteria when moving to a new home


of European homes have been changed to save energy within the last five years

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