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Europeans on health: The home,
a key to healthy living

Do Europeans think of their homes as a key to health? Do they act according to their beliefs about a healthy home? And do they know what to expect from a healthy home? These questions and many more find their answers in the pan-European Healthy Homes Barometer study carried out by VELUX in 12 countries.

The Healthy Homes Barometer 2015 delivered interesting and surprising conclusions on the perceptions of the average European when it comes to health in general and to a healthy home in particular.

The home, a key health driver

The survey reveals that people perceive their home to be a key health driver. The survey includes feedback from the 12,000 respondents, and the majority assesses the home to be of higher importance to the health than eating fruit and vegetables, avoiding tobacco and doing regular exercise. Sleeping well at night is perceived as the most important health factor, followed by fresh air and daylight.

Another interesting conclusion is the fact that comfort and health are seen by Europeans to be closely related. The more satisfied people are with daylight and fresh air in the home, the more they appreciate the comfort level of the home.

Clear gap between perception and behaviour

The survey also reveals that people are far too optimistic when they evaluate the indoor climate of their home.

All respondents claim that they ventilate the home. But, homes are ventilated much more during summer than winter, when comfort becomes a trade-off between fresh air, temperature and energy costs. Potentially, this may lead to rooms with high humidity levels and development of mould.

Europeans want homes that provide comfortable living environments to foster a healthy life. They want healthy homes,

says Michael K. Rasmussen, Senior Vice President, the VELUX Group.


link a healthy living with healthy homes


of Europeans state that air quality and daylight is highly important if moving to a new house


of Europeans concerned about the home’s indoor climate dry their clothes indoors several times a week or daily

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