A guide to good indoor climate

With the Basic Book on Daylight, Energy and Indoor Climate, we aim to share our knowledge on healthy and sustainable buildings by offering specific advice and documentation on the effects and benefits of VELUX products.

Good indoor climate, with generous daylight levels and provision of fresh air from the outside, is key to making homes, offices, day care centres and schools healthy places to live, work, play and learn in.

Successful daylighting requires design considerations at all stages of the building design process, from site planning to architectural, interior and lighting design

Peter Foldbjerg, Senior Manager of VELUX department for Daylight, Energy & Indoor Climate

In recent years, much of the debate on sustainable architecture has focused on energy, CO2 emissions and the efficient use of material resources. These are all vitally important issues, but they are only three of a whole spectrum of issues affecting human life in the indoor environment. 

“With the Basic Book on Daylight, Energy and Indoor Climate (DEIC), we aim to share our insight and knowledge by providing specific advice and concrete documentation on the effects and benefits of daylight and a good indoor climate in new and renovated buildings,” says Peter Foldbjerg.

The DEIC Basic Book provides information and recommendations, tools, metrics and codes for topics like daylighting, ventilation, thermal comfort, acoustics, energy and environment.

The handbook is updated and extended every year and available as a free app in the App Store.

In continuation of the DEIC Basic Book, we also provide visualization tools for designing with daylight and fresh air:

  • The Daylight Visualizer for evaluating daylight conditions in buildings
  • The Energy and Indoor Climate Visualizer for evaluating energy performance, thermal comfort, natural ventilation and indoor air quality in buildings.

100-3000 lux

indoors will significantly reduce the use of electric lighting (Mardaljevic, 2008, DEIC Basic Book)

100 %

more daylight enters the room through a roof window than a vertical window (DEIC Basic Book)

1,150 ppm

CO2 is an acceptable indoor air quality (DEIC Basic Book)

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