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The VELUX Group

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Setting the agenda for better living environments is not something we do alone. We engage with people who are just as passionate about the potential of daylight and fresh air as we are.

Colleagues, customers, partners, industry experts, students. They’re all invited on board to help us push new boundaries and bring solutions to market that really make a difference for people’s health and well-being.

Join the dialogue

Our International VELUX Award for Students of Architecture invites the future ‘daylight engineers’ to explore the theme of daylight and share their ideas for sustainable daylight solutions.

The VELUX International Design Award focuses on designing blinds of the future. This design award challenges students to come up with innovative ways of changing the indoor environment purely through screening or softening of sunlight.

The VELUX Daylight Symposium brings together some of the world's leading daylight experts to discuss the use of daylight for sustainable buildings.

Experience highlights from the VELUX Daylight Symposium and check out the amazing entries to the International VELUX Award for Students of Architecture and the VELUX International Design Award.

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