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97% of European buildings are energy inefficient

The Building Performance Institute Europe (BPIE) reveals that the number of energy inefficient buildings in Europe that require an upgrade is much higher than previously thought. Projects such as RenovActive could set an example for cost-efficient and replicable renovations across the EU.  

In Europe, when it comes to energy-efficient buildings, the situation may not be as positive for the environment as we would like to think.  

A new study conducted by the Building Performance Institute Europe (BPIE) analysed the energy performance of the EU’s building stock and revealed that a staggering 97% of European buildings are energy-inefficient, meaning they must be upgraded to comply with the 2050 vision of decarbonisation.

The common misconception that 75% of Europe’s building stock is energy-inefficient stems from the simplified assumption that only buildings built before 1990 don’t qualify as energy efficient. However, only certain countries have adopted regulations to ensure good energy performance in all new buildings, meaning that many newly-constructed buildings across the EU are still not suitably efficient.

According to data from EPC (Energy Performance Certificate), France and Denmark are the two countries with the biggest share of energy efficient buildings, while Spain and Bulgaria’s buildings are amongst the worst performers.

Could RenovActive lead the way?

The VELUX Group has worked to highlight the affordable renovation of old, energy-inefficient buildings to ensure their compliance with future decarbonisation policies. The RenovActove project in Aderlecht, Belgium, followed the core principles of Active House – which prioretise comfort, energy efficiency and environment – and proved the financial viability of renovation in social housing and single-family homes across Europe.

The RenovActive project is also designed to be easily replicable, serving as an example for, and a catalyst to encourage, future renovations. In RenovActive, VELUX used innovative but simple renovation techniques that can be easily applied to a wide range of renovation projects. 

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