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Introduction to research and knowledge

Evidence and research can qualify decisions that can be crucial for the way we design our homes, schools, hospitals and offices. In the research and knowledge centre Daylight, Energy and Indoor Climate, are committed to contribute to the promotion of sustainable buildings by creating new research, knowledge and tools measuring the performance of daylight and natural ventilation in a room and buildings as such.  

Our research activities are built on four pillars:  

  1. Collaborations with experts and scientists from leading universities across Europe and North-America within the field of building research to contribute to the generation of new evidence and knowledge. 

  2. Own research, such as how daylight and indoor climate matters in terms of human health and wellbeing, how our renovation and demo building projects perform and how they influence indoor comfort and the health of their occupants. 

  3. Dialogue, facilitation and knowledge-sharing. We take every opportunity to share our latest findings and research papers with research communities, architects and building practitioners and participate in the main international conferences within the field of daylight and indoor climate. With our knowledge-sharing platform, the Daylight Symposium, we aim to build the bridge from knowledge to architectural practice. 

  4. Visualizers. To make accurate evaluations of daylight, energy and indoor climate in buildings as accessible as possible, we provide building simulation tools, the Daylight Visualizer and the Energy and Indoor Climate Visualizer.  

We believe that evidence about how daylight and indoor climate affects the health is fundamental for the design of tomorrow’s sustainable buildings. Research is inevitable, if we want to bring buildings and regulations up to standard to the benefit of people and society

says Peter Foldbjerg, Head of Daylight, Energy, Indoor Climate


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