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The Academic Forum

The Academic forum runs biennially in connection with the Daylight Symposium. It provides  an opportunity for PhD students to discuss their research projects and receive constructive feedback from leading professors. 

The 4
th edition of the Daylight Academic Forum was held, 2 May 2017, at Technische Universit├Ąt in Berlin. A total of 22 PhD students from 10 different countries gathered to share their research projects with a panel of fellow PhD students and professors from around the world.

The Academic Form takes place together with the biennial Daylight Symposium and it aims to provide an opportunity for PhD students to engage in discussions about their research projects and receive feedback also in the early stages. The forum creates space and time for students to discuss research methodology and how they can achieve greater results through their experiments.

The forum ultimately allows students to network and discover the breadth of the daylight research field. During the event, each student is invited to present an overview of their research to fellow students and professors. The students are then gathered in workshop groups where they work on in-depth presentations of their research and then receive constructive feedback.   

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