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Daylight in Virtual Reality

Daylight in Virtual Reality

The brand new MyDaylight app allows homeowners to experience daylight in their rooms through 360-degree virtual reality simulations 

Daylight is vital for our health and wellbeing and its impact is crucial as we spend up to 90 percent of our time indoors. 

However, not all buildings make an optimal use of daylight, and this can negatively affect the health, wellbeing and productivity of their occupants. Homeowners are often not aware of how daylight can enhance a room while also boosting health and improving mood, but a brand new app is now able to simulate how a few extra windows can make a huge difference.

The new MyDaylight App by VELUX is designed to bring rooms to virtual life by simulating how daylight can benefit and reinvigorate homes. Making use of advanced gaming technology, the app allows users to understand and experience the effect of daylight in their homes through 360-degree virtual reality simulations.

It is the first-ever app that gives users the chance to experience daylight first-hand and understand how it can transform and enhance the space they live in.

A personal simulation

The app allows users to design a real room in the home by easily selecting parameters such as floor dimensions, roof height and ceiling pitch, and then customise further by adding windows, floor and wall finishes, the room’s location, and much more.

After approximately ten minutes, a personal digital simulation will be available to view in 3600 or virtual reality, giving a life-like recreation of the room and the changing effects of daylight inside. It’s as easy as that!

Daylight can not only create the feeling of more space in the room, but it also provides benefits in terms of comfort and wellbeing. We know, however, that homeowners struggle to visualize the impact daylight can have in their home – and that is why we created the MyDaylight app. We hope homeowners across the globe will find it useful in developing their home makeover ideas, while enjoying the immersive experience 360-degree and virtual reality can offer

Nicolas Roy, Architect at VELUX

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