Roof balcony installation height

To calculate the correct installation height (X), please do the following:

  1. Write down your three required measurements (P, H1 and H2) 
  2. Select your roof pitch measurement (P) from the drop-down list 
  3. Enter your required distance from the parapet to floor (H1)in millimeters
  4. Enter your required distance from the railing to floor (H2) in millimeters
  5. Click on the ”Calculate” button 
  6. You can now read your correct installation height (X) in millimeters at the bottom of the table 

The calculation will also provide you with other useful measurements (C, X1 and X2). To remove all entered measurements, click on the "Reset" button. 

In our example, the following measurements have been entered: P = 35º H1 = 800 mm H2 = 1000 mm The resulting installation height is 213 mm.