September 26 - Brussels, Belgium





September 26 - Brussels, Belgium

We are delighted to invite you to join the Healthy Buildings Day 2018

Since 2015 the VELUX Group has been putting healthy buildings on the agenda. The theme for this year is Healthy Buildings as Value Drivers: Why healthy buildings make sense economically for builders, owners, occupants and society in general. Presentations and discussions on the day will highlight the latest research, consumer trends, user experiences and business cases. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to meet and discuss these issues with key building industry stakeholders.

  • Programme

    Healthy Buildings Day, September 26, 2018 

    9.00 - 10.00
    Breakfast & Networking  
    10.00 - 11.30
    Welcome by Keith Riddle, Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing in the VELUX Group (DK)

    Keynote by John Sommer, Director of Strategy & Business Development at MT Højgaard (DK)

    Keynote by Fionn Stevenson, Professor and Chair-holder in Sustainable Design at the University of Sheffield, School of Architecture (UK)

    Keynote by Kolja Nielsen, CEO of CEBRA architecture (DK)
    11.30 - 12.00
    12.00 - 13.00
    Healthy Home Barometer 2018 by Ingrid Reumert, Vice President of Global Communications, Sustainability & Public Affairs in the VELUX Group (DK) and Andreas Hermelink, Associate Director at Ecofys (DE)

    The voice of users - two families will come on stage to share thoughts and feeling about life in their new home (BE, DE)
    13.00 - 14.00
    Lunch & Networking
    14.00 - 15.30
    Breakout sessions: Panel discussions with researchers, practitioners and other building professionals

    Session 1: Healthy Family Homes - Health and Comfort as the New Business Drivers in Single Family Houses

    • Oliver G. F. Jones, Architectural Programme Leader at Northumbria University (UK)
    • Johannes Schwörer, CEO of Schwörer Haus (DE)
    • Ditte Maria Kollerup, CEO of KFS Huse (DK)
    • Régis Olagne, Director at BVA Earth (FR)
    • Moderated by Cathy Smith, Founder of SpeakEasy (BE)

    Session 2: Healthy Social Housing - Innovative Approaches to Value Creation in Social Housing

    • Agnès Mathieu, Economist at ISIS Consult (BE)
    • Laurent Gabele, Managing Director at Foyer Anderlechtois & Christophe Verbiest, Head of Buildings Works at Foyer Anderlechtois (BE)
    • Frank Vierkötter, CEO of Interhomes (DE)
    • Mette Mogensen, Project Development Director at (DK)
    • Moderated by Katrine Bjerre Milling Eriksen, Senior Policy Advisor and part of the Global Communications, Sustainability & Public Affairs department at VELUX Group (DK)

    Session 3: Healthy Learning & Working – How to Shape Human Performance and Behaviour with Optimal Indoor Environments

    • Soline Martin, Project Manager at MÉDIÉCO Conseil & Formation (FR)
    • Guilllaume Daydé, Partner at Espace Gaïa (FR)
    • Vinay Venkatraman, CEO of Leapcraft (DK)
    • Kolja Nielsen, CEO of CEBRA architecture (DK)
    • Moderated by Peter Barrett, Professor at the University of Salford (UK)

    15.30 - 16.00
    16.00 - 17.00
    Closing Session
    17.00 - 18.00
    Drinks & Networking 
  • Speakers
    Keith Riddle, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing in the VELUX Group (DK)
    Keith Riddle is Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing of The VELUX Group, a global business with manufacturing operations in 11 countries and sales companies in more than 40 countries and around 10,200 employees worldwide. With a product programme that includes roof windows and modular skylights, decorative blinds, sun screening products and roller shutters, as well as installation and smart home solutions, The VELUX Group has created better living environments for people around the world for more than 75 years; making the most of daylight and fresh air through the roof to ensure a healthy and sustainable indoor climate, for work and learning, for play and pleasure. Keith Riddle holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Durham. Throughout his career he has held several positions within sales and marketing management in Fast Moving Consumer Goods companies, e.g. the global beverage alcohol company Diageo, before joining the VELUX Group in 2003 as Managing Director of VELUX Great Britain & Ireland. Since 1 January 2018, Keith Riddle has been responsible for the majority of sales and marketing activities globally in the VELUX Group and part of Group Management. 

    John Sommer, Director of Strategy & Business Development at MT Højgaard (DK)

    John Sommer is Director of Strategy & Business Development at MT Højgaard – one of the leading construction companies in the Nordics known for being on the forefront in regards to application of new technologies and processes. During the last 100 years, MT Højgaard has built a number of remarkable buildings and civil structures in Denmark and internationally.
    John Sommer has been with MT Højgaard since 2003 and before that he worked at Skanska. In these companies, John has held managerial positions within production, sales, innovation and sustainability as well as strategy and business development. In addition, John has worked at the Board of MT Højgaard, Danish Green Building Council, and Danish Data Center industry. He represents MT Højgaard in a number of business networks that focus on  influencing the structures of the industry. Finally, he is the co-author of the book ‘Building a Circular Future’ published in 2016.

    Fionn Stevenson, Professor and Chair-holder in Sustainable Design at the University of Sheffield, School of Architecture (UK)
    Professor Fionn Stevenson holds a Chair in Sustainable Design at the University of Sheffield, School of Architecture. Her international research and consultancy work focuses on developing innovative methods of building performance evaluation in relation to occupancy feedback and social learning in order to improve building design. She is particularly interested in the control interfaces between buildings and people from a holistic perspective which includes resource use in its widest dimension. Her focus is on housing. She advises various government bodies and NGOs, with over 110 publications to date and has directly obtained over £1.5 million in research funding. Recent publications include: Stevenson, F., and Baborska- Narozny, M.,(2018) Housing performance evaluation: challenges for international knowledge exchange, Building Research and Information, 46 (5) 501-512, Baborska-Narozny, M., Stevenson, F. and Grudzińska, M. (2016) Overheating in retrofit apartments – design implications of occupant practices, learning and interventions. Building Research and Information 45 (1-2) 40-55

    Kolja Nielsen, CEO of CEBRA architecture (DK)

    Kolja Nielsen is a founding partner and the CEO of CEBRA, which he started together with Mikkel Frost and Carsten Primdahl in 2001. He is a very versatile architect as he combines two skill sets, which in architectural circles are rarely found in one person. On the one hand, he is gifted with artistic aptitude and creative talent, while on the other hand having a sound business sense and political savvy. In his position as company CEO, he thus switches effortlessly between pencil sketches, management of CEBRA’s major projects, strategic and international business development, complex contractual affairs and speaking the voice of the Danish architecture profession, e.g. as former chairman of the board of the Danish Association of Architectural Firms.
    Kolja Nielsen has been the partner in charge of the well-esteemed science centre, The Experimentarium in Copenhagen as well as assistant partner on the prize-winning housing project The Iceberg at the harbour front in Aarhus, Denmark.
    Andreas Hermelink, Associate Director at Ecofys (DE)

    Dr. Andreas Hermelink studied Business Economics (Dipl.-Kfm.) and Civil Engineering (Dipl.-Ing.), and holds a PhD on Sustainability Evaluation of Buildings (Dr.-Ing.). The certified consultant for rational use of energy in buildings has 16 years of professional experience in the fields of energy related user behaviour, environmental life-cycle assessment, cost-benefit-analysis and application of passive house philosophy in new and existing buildings and neighbourhoods. In 2006, he was awarded the European Solar Prize 2006, the Energy Globe Hungary 2007 and the 3rd prize in the International Energy Globe for the EU FP5 project SOLANOVA.
    Before joining Ecofys in 2008, Andreas worked as project manager at the University of Kassel (Germany) and research manager at the Florida Solar Energy Center (USA). Being an associate director at Ecofys, Andreas leads the Ecofys service area on "Low-carbon cities" and manages the Ecofys office Berlin. Dr. Hermelink frequently supports conferences as a keynote speaker, session moderator or member of the scientific committee.
    Ingrid Reumert, Vice President of Global Communications, Sustainability & Public Affairs in the VELUX Group (DK) 
    Ingrid Reumert has an educational background in Political Science from the University of Aarhus, Denmark and the Paris Institute of Political Studies. She has worked as a political advisor in the Danish Parliament and in the European Parliament in Brussels, before moving to the private sector as Director for Global Public Affairs for Terma A/S within the Defense and Security industry. Ingrid Reumert has been employed in the VELUX Group since 2011 as Vice President for Global Communications, Sustainability & Public Affairs. Part of this responsibility is to drive the work of the VELUX Group for healthier buildings and sustainable living, with one of the initiatives being the Healthy Homes Barometer which was first published in 2015.

    Oliver G. F. Jones, Architectural Programme Leader at Northumbria University (UK)

    Dr. Oliver G.F Jones is the Architecture Programme Leader at Northumbria University, UK. His research and consultancy expertise lie in developing wellbeing measurement metrics and wellbeing design strategies. He is a vocal and active ambassador for research and innovation across the UK construction sector and regularly advises companies on how to develop successful research and innovation strategies. This year Dr Jones was made a member of Historic England's Expert Advisory Group; and still remains active when possible working alongside practices to design buildings that foreground occupant wellbeing. He is currently leading a multinational collective of design and construction companies on a project to reimagine residential design and working to develop a North Sea Triangle of companies within the sector who would like to work collaboratively on a knowledge exchange basis together.
    Johannes Schwörer, Managing Director of Schwörer Haus (DE)

    Johannes Schwörer is the Managing Director of the Schwörer Group. With over 39.000 houses constructed, SchwörerHaus is among Germany’s biggest prefabricated house manufacturers. Its many innovations in the field of energy-saving HVACR (heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration) and house design have made the company a pioneer. Experience in this field, coupled with long-term company retention, have resulted in continuous further development in every field.

    Ditte Maria Kollerup, CEO of KFS Huse (DK)

    Ditte Maria Kollerup is passioned about how houses can fit the individual human needs and help shape people's future. Since 2003 she has worked in the construction industry, and today she runs and owns a building company, KFS Huse, started by her father Kurt Flemming Sørensen in 1983. The company builds approximately one house every week in Jutland, Denmark. Each home is a unique house, designed by the company's own architects. Ditte also writes about humans, leadership and life philosophy at
    Régis Olagne, Director at BVA Earth (FR)
    Régis Olagne has worked on sustainable development issues for 15 years. In particular, the company has worked on issues relating to energy management or energy efficiency, internal and external air quality, protecting biodiversity, reducing harmful emissions, developing responsible consumption development, developing a circular economy, developing fair trade and CSR approaches within organisations. These interventions were carried out on behalf of local communities, institutions (ADEME, Ministry of Ecological and Inclusive Transition, environmental bodies (CITEO, Eco-Systèmes, Eco-Mobilier), professional organisations (CIVB, Interfel, CELC, etc.), enterprises (Suez, Veolia, EDF, Engie, Placo, Legrand, VELUX, Technal, etc.) or associations (Greenpeace, WWF, Bloom, etc.). It has been facilitating BVA Earth's business since 2016, which aims to consolidate BVA's expertise and know-how into three lines of approach: analysing and decoding societal trends, evaluating and promoting sustainable action and aiding the adoption of virtuous behaviour.
    Agnès Mathieu, Economist at ISIS Consult (BE)

    Agnès Mathieu holds a Master in Economics from the University of Namur (Belgium), where she now teaches. She is also an expert in management, lean organization and restructuring. In the last 15 years, Agnès has led numerous consultancy missions for the Walloon and Brussels governments, as well as for other public bodies and organizations. Her focus is public housing and its financing, e.g. with the development of the multiannual public housing plans in both Wallonia and Brussels.

    Laurent Gabele, Managing Director at Foyer Anderlechtois (BE)

    Laurent Gabele is the Managing Director of the Foyer Anderlechtois, a social housing association based in Brussels which owns more than 3.800 social dwellings and employs over 80 people. Before being appointed in June 2018, Mr Gabele had been a Board Member of the Foyer for the past 10 years.
    Mr Gabele has an extensive experience in the public sector, particularly related to social housing: he started his career as an advisor to the Brussels Minister for Housing, and then joined the Municipality of Anderlecht, where he held a series of responsibilities before being appointed Head of the Economic and Social department. Laurent Gabele holds a Master in Public Administration and further specialized degrees from the Free University of Brussels and the Solvay Business School. He is also a Board member for Citydev and Euclides.

    Christophe Verbiest, Head of Buildings Works at Foyer Anderlechtois (BE)

    Christophe Verbiest studied architecture & urban renovation in Brussels. After gaining experience as an independent architect in Paris & Brussels, he joined the Foyer Anderlechtois in 2012. Christophe now holds the position of Head of the Works Department. He oversees several large renovation projects as well as new build projects to support the Foyer’s objective to extend its portfolio from 3.700 to 4.000 dwellings in the coming years.

    Frank Vierkötter, CEO of Interhomes (DE)

    In 1996, Frank Vierkötter joined the real estate industry as sales manager at INTERHOMES in Bremen, having previously worked in marketing and sales in the automotive supply industry for eight years. In 1999 he was appointed to the management of INTERHOMES GmbH & Co. KG. In 2002, INTERHOMES changed its name to an AG for which Frank Vierkötter has been Chairman since 2004. He is responsible for Human Resources, Finance, Project Development, Sales, Marketing and Customer Satisfaction. In addition, Frank Vierkötter is also one of two vice-presidents of the Federal Association of Free Real Estate and Housing Companies (BFW), the German Association of medium-sized real estate companies (

    Mette Mogensen, Project Development Director at (DK)

    Mette Mogensen, Project Development Director, is an architect with more than 25 years of experience planning, designing and developing buildings. Since 2017 she has been developing affordable houses in administrate more than 60.000 affordable houses in Denmark. is a non-profit, and customer-owned organisation. The customers are socialhousing associations across Denmark. And when they build new houses or renovate existing they use as a trusted advisor. Mette Mogensen always strive to develop communities where buildings and built environments enhance the quality of life. She always uses new trends and the deep expertise from previous projects when she in close collaboration with the other stakeholders develops new sustainable areas and buildings. Sustainable in this context refers to both the city, society, environment and the residents.

    Soline Martin, Project Manager at MÉDIÉCO Conseil & Formation (FR)

    Soline Martin is Project Manager at MÉDIÉCO Conseil & Formation, a pioneer company in environmental health in France, focused on consulting, engineering and training. Since 1986, MÉDIÉCO has been a leader in health topics in the built environment (air, noise, light, water, electromagnetic waves), especially that of indoor air quality (IAQ). Since 2018, Soline Martin has been assisting project stakeholders in the integration of these themes, including IAQ, into construction and renovation operations. Soline Martin is an environmental engineer with a specialization in environmental quality of buildings and a graduate of the Master's degree in health risks in the built environment. She also worked for 5 years in the City & Sustainable Development association where she developed a specific action plan for health, aimed at raising awareness, informing and training decision-makers and stakeholders in construction and planning.

    Guilllaume Daydé, Partner at Espace Gaïa (FR)
    Guillaume Daydé has been a qualified architect since 2001. After 5 years of collaborating within major architecture firms, moving between Madrid and the Swiss canton of Tessin, in 2006 he became the co-Managing Director of Espace Gaïa – an architecture firm based in Grenoble in France, specialising in land valuation and tourism development in France and worldwide. For more than 15 years, he has been working on rehabilitating, restructuring and creating equipment and infrastructure in both urban and rural contexts. Guillaume has developed a true architectural sensitivity and identity through creating various buildings. This sensitivity and identity can be found in the different firm-designed projects. He has been a Project Teacher at the Grenoble ENSA (National Architecture School) since 2007. He has been a Consultant Architect within the CAUE38 since 2009, overseeing projects in tens of municipalities in the Isère department.

    Vinay Venkatraman, CEO of Leapcraft (DK)
    Vinay Venkatraman works on building new ventures, helps startup new ideas and works deeply at the intersection of design, data and science. In the past he has worked at the intersection of design and technology practices, consulting to companies worldwide and lecturing at various international venues. His current interests are in exploring the design & application of simple technologies to solve some of the world's wicked problems. Vinay is based in Copenhagen, Denmark but he frequently works and travels globally. Vinay is the CEO and founder of Leapcraft ( - Pervasive Environmental Intelligence as a service company– working with Air Quality, Noise and Traffic data for Smart City applications.
  • Moderators
    Cathy Smith, Founder of SpeakEasy (BE)

    Cathy Smith is the founder of the Brussels communications company SpeakEasy. She specialises in conference moderating, media and crisis training all over Europe. Cathy worked for the BBC for many years as a reporter and presenter. She is a former Brussels-based correspondent for both the BBC and GMTV and was a main presenter of Channel Four News in the UK. She also fronted European Journal for DeutscheWelle TV from Brussels.
    Katrine Bjerre Milling Eriksen, Senior Policy Advisor for Global Communications, Sustainability & Public Affairs in the VELUX Group (DK)

    Katrine Bjerre Milling Eriksen is a Senior Policy Advisor and part of the Global Communications, Sustainability & Public Affairs department at the VELUX Group. She works with communication and public affairs related to healthy buildings aspects, supporting markets globally and has for the last years been one of the leads behind the VELUX Group’s “Healthy Homes Barometer”. Katrine holds a master in Political Science from Copenhagen University and Harvard University and has previously worked for other global companies such as Carlsberg Group and the global communication agency Burson-Marsteller, out of their London and Copenhagen offices.
    Peter Barrett, Emeritus Professor of Management in Property and Construction at the University of Salford (UK)

    Peter Barrett is a past President of the UN-established International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction (CIB). He is Emeritus Professor of Management in Property and Construction at Salford University in the UK and Honorary Research Fellow in the Department of Education at Oxford University. Peter has for many years been a member of the High Level Group of the UK Construction Technology Platform and has been closely involved in its European equivalent. He is an international advisor to the OECD and the US based Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture and American Institute of Architects. He has produced over one hundred and seventy single volume publications, refereed papers and reports, and has made over one hundred and ten presentations in around sixteen countries.
    Professor Barrett has undertaken a wide range of research. He is currently focusing on the theme of Senses, Brain and Spaces with a particular interest in the area of primary school design and achieving optimal learning spaces. The findings of this work have, for the first time, isolated a significant influence of “Clever Classrooms” on variations in pupils’ learning. This has directly influenced, for example, the US Green Building Council and the Norwegian Education Directorate. Peter now carries out strategic consultancy on optimising the impact of school buildings on learning, most recently for the World Bank in Romania.

Healthy Homes Barometer

Healthy Homes Barometer 2018, a study of suburban homes, social housing and workplaces in Europe, will be launched at Healthy Buildings Day 2018.

See the latest Healthy Homes Barometers:


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