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Daylight is essential for sustainable urban development and is an important factor to consider when designing buildings and shaping our cities, offices and homes. Daylight helps to balance our 24-hour Circadian - or bodily - rhythm, and is vital to our general health and well-being. Nevertheless, buildings often do not always make optimal use of daylight.

Daylight is not being used anywhere near as much as it should be in buildings. Schools in particular have become security tanks for children ... Bringing lighting and daylight back into buildings is important. We have the technology

Philip Allsopp Senior Sustainability Scientist at Arizona State University

Daylight visualizer

7th VELUX Daylight Symposium in Berlin

A guide to good indoor climate

More daylight, less illness

Architecture is about providing locations for people to live, work and play in, so light and how it could help that whole experience is something very fundamental

David Nelson, Foster+Partners, at Daylight Symposium 2015

Daylighting is associated with improved mood, enhanced morale, less fatigue, and reduced eyestrain.

Work productivity increased about 15% when employees moved to a new building with better daylight conditions.

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