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Scientific Research

The VELUX Group works strategically with scientific research relating to buildings. We believe that a better understanding of how daylight and fresh air affect health and wellbeing is fundamental to designing and building healthy, sustainable homes. 

VELUX has a long tradition of cooperation with universities and research centres. We collaborate with academics and researchers to increase the understanding of how windows and other building components contribute to the overall performance of buildings, especially as regards energy usage and health implications for residents.

We welcome new research in the above fields, and are interested in collaboration, particularly in relation to:

  • The effects of daylight, thermal comfort and indoor air quality on health and wellbeing
  • The effects of daylight/darkness, temperatures and indoor air quality on sleep quality
  • The costs to society of unhealthy building – and in particular the role of daylight and indoor climate

The VELUX Group believes that research into the relation between daylight, indoor climate, comfort and health is fundamental in the design of tomorrow’s sustainable buildings. Knowledge and research are the foundations for building standards and regulations.


Research projects initiated by the VELUX Group between 2006 and 2015


Conference interventions by the VELUX Group detailing results and analyses from the Daylight, Energy and Indoor Climate Knowledge Centre

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