KLF 200

Interface for sensors, switches, BUS systems and advanced controlling, setting up io homecontrol products with onboard wifi web-interface

KLF 200 Firmware

Make sure your firmware is updated with the latest security, functionalities and bug-fixes.

Description of release: version, date 2018-09-27. We strongly recommend downloading and reading the change log as well. 


New possibilities with KLF 200 Application Protocol Interface (API)

Standard use of KLF 200 is through the dry-wire connections (6) Outputs and (7) Inputs. In this case the API is not relevant for you.

With the release of KLF 200 API, VELUX A/S would like to increase the possibility for very advanced users and professionals to control motorized VELUX roof windows, blinds and shutters. We have chosen to release the API with no technical limitation. It is simply open and available. It is free and without registration. Therefore, we also kindly ask for understanding that we cannot offer support with regards to using the API.

Using the API is on your own responsibility and liability. Please make sure to read through VELUX discharge of liability in the KLF 200 API document. 

  • Pre-condition for using the KLF 200 API is that newest firmware is installed on KLF 200.
  • Interface with KLF 200 will happen through wired ethernet (2).
  • Get started, advices and examples written in Python regarding use of the API can be found in demo ZIP file.
Product overview