VELUX Solar Integrator ODL

Easy integration

The VELUX Solar Integrator is a specially designed flashing that perfectly connects VELUX roof windows to a variety of solar panel build-in systems. Our solution ensures that your roof window will fit perfectly into the PV grid because of an easy, fast, safe and seamless integration.

In order to secure perfect positioning of the solar panels and the VELUX roof window, the unique and innovative side section design allows for up-to 25 mm sideways flexibility. That will make it easier for you to achieve a high-quality result in less time.

Product range

The VELUX solution is available in two colours (grey and black) and 4 different sizes, making it easy to fit into the most popular solar panel systems.
Each PV supplier has different solar panel sizes, therefore in order to ensure you will order the compatible VELUX products, please contact the PV supplier before ordering your VELUX roof window and ODL flashing.

How to order

You can order the VELUX roof windows and VELUX Solar Integrators at VELUX dealers. 
The ordering of solar panels systems and side sections can be found on the applicable supplier web-sites.