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Keep warm while enjoying fresh air

Enjoy fresh air that’s heated by recovering the warmth of the air inside your home. The VELUX smart ventilation heat-recovery unit stores the heat energy of the warm exhaust air and pre-heats incoming air, optimising your indoor comfort, day and night, in even the coldest weather. The smart ventilation unit is installed above the VELUX roof window on the outside of your home, is invisible from inside and delivers over 75% heat recovery of the exhaust air.

Ventilate your home with fresh air during colder months without affecting your indoor temperature – avoid unnecessary heat loss, cold draughts and heating bills.


Always have the perfect indoor climate in your home

VELUX smart ventilation at a glance

The VELUX smart ventilation unit is a supplement to your roof window and is installed above the window. It integrates perfectly with the window and the installation is a routine task for a professional installer.

Simple installation
Fast installation
Perfect fit

How it works