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Supplier benefits of e-sourcing

There are multiple benefits for our suppliers, such as:

  • Online collaboration
  • Opportunity to bid on VELUX business
  • Transparent bidding process with clear requirements
  • Structured, recognisable format
  • Faster evaluation and feedback
  • Improved certificate, contract (incl. electronic signatures) and audit management

E-sourcing terminology

When collaborating with VELUX you may be invited to certain types of online SAP Ariba events, such as:

  • RFI (Request for Information)
    • Used to collect information about invited suppliers and their capabilities. The RFI is used to qualify suppliers for an RFP or an Auction
  • RFP (Request for Proposal)
    • Used to collect quotes and/or proposals from invited suppliers. An RFP may be followed by one or more RFP rounds, or by an Auction
  • Auction
    • Used to let invited suppliers compete online and in real time
Home office with VELUX roof window
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Supplier registration

To collaborate with VELUX on SAP Ariba you must be registered on the platform, and your profile and data must be up-to-date.

Participation in e-sourcing events

  • What does an invite look like? 
    Sample invitation
  • How do I prepare for an event?
    • Make sure you are the correct recipient/contact person with proper empowerment to answer to the event
    • Verify that your company is capable of supplying the items/services requested in the event
    • Ensure that you understand the requirements and specifications for the items/services in the event
    • Make sure to familiarise yourself with the functionalities of SAP Ariba
    • In case of doubts or questions, please contact the VELUX sender
  • How do I respond to an invite?
    • Follow the instructions as per the invite – you can choose to participate in the event, or you can choose to decline participation
  • What happens after the event is closed?
    • RFI: Upon event closing VELUX will evaluate the submitted responses and provide relevant feedback to event suppliers. Feedback can be a rejection, a request to improve submitted answers, or an invite to an RFP
    • RFP: Upon event closing VELUX will evaluate the submitted responses and provide relevant feedback to event suppliers. Feedback can be a rejection, a request to improve submitted bid(s), an invite to a new RFP round, an invite to an Auction, or a business award
    • Auction: Upon event closing, VELUX will award the event business to the most competitive event supplier according to individual auction terms
    • Business award: A new contract, or an amendment to an existing contract, will be released from SAP Ariba

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • 1. What happens if we can not register on SAP Ariba or connect to VELUX due to internal policies?
    • VELUX expects suppliers to collaborate on SAP Ariba. Short term it will not impact your ability to deliver to VELUX, however your future opportunities to be awarded VELUX business will be limited.
  • 2. How does SAP Ariba work for a distributor or a supplier with no production?
    • There is no difference if you are a manufacturer or a distributor
  • 3. Who will any future contract be sent to?
    • Your account owner will receive a notification via SAP Ariba. It is possible to appoint other signees. This does not require additional registrations. Signees may be different people than event participants
  • 4. We already signed the VELUX Code of Conduct (CoC) and the VELUX Restricted Substance Management Standard (VRSMS). Do we need to sign them again?
    • You need to accept these documents via SAP Ariba also
  • 5. Can we get technical support from SAP Ariba in local language?
    • Yes, SAP Ariba offers support in several languages
  • 6. What if our company policy does not allow us to access external system platforms, such as SAP Ariba?
    • VELUX expects suppliers to collaborate on SAP Ariba, which means you will not appear on our supplier long list for RFx events, thus you may not become a qualified/preferred supplier to VELUX
  • 7. Can more than one person from a supplier register with SAP Ariba, or will one person need to share his/her login?
  • 8. Are there any one time or running costs associated with the use of Ariba Network or participating in RFx events?
    • For any VELUX supplier there are no costs associated with collaborating with VELUX on SAP Ariba, nor with registering with Ariba Network
  • 9. How do we add VELUX to our existing Ariba Network account?
    • When VELUX initiates a supplier registration workflow, you will receive an invite. Instead of creating an account for Ariba Network, you can log in with your current supplier profile, and sign up as a supplier to VELUX directly
  • 10. Will Ariba Network and SAP Ariba replace existing EDI, forecasting, order handling, or invoices handling?
    • No, neither Ariba Network, nor SAP Ariba will replace the EDI, forecast exchanging, order handling, invoice handling that you already have