A home that grows with its residents in Denmark

Not enough room? See how this family transformed their old house into a bright and spacious home.


When the Dreyer-Søndergaard family bought their house in 2010, the yellow brick building looked like the perfect home for a family of four. But the house had shortcomings. The bedrooms on the first floor were dark, the bathroom felt damp and small, the entrance area was worn out and the entire roof needed replacement. 

The family decided to work on all the problems at once and embarked on a major renovation.  

By installing 12 roof windows in the loft, and two sun tunnels in the entrance area, daylight and natural ventilation could transform the old building into a comfortable and healthy home.

The rebuilding was completed in 2012 and immediately improved the family's daily life: “Before we had roof windows installed, the air in the bathroom stayed humid for a long time after someone had a shower.”

Now damp air is quickly and easily expelled through the roof windows,"

explains Malene Dreyer.




To have all this light and air from the roof window is pure luxury,"

her husband Anders adds.

While the house now offered everything the family could wish for in terms of comfort, it lacked one thing: space. “From the moment we saw the house for the first time, we knew that we wanted an extension,” Anders remembers. “We wanted the opportunity to gather the entire family on the same floor and still have enough room.”

The solution turned out to be an extension in the shape of a big, black box. Planked with wood and equipped with a flat roof, the building would be a powerful contrast as well as a suitable supplement to the existing building.

The cube-like structure was completed in 2017 and came with a bright and flexible interior. It was divided into two areas: a large sitting room equipped with VELUX Modular Skylights and sliding glass doors on both sides, and a smaller, elevated room, nicknamed the "TV cave".

Here, the VELUX flat roof window with curved glass provides daylight to relaxing activities such as reading, playing and, of course, TV-watching. The small, cave-like room allows the residents to watch their screens without being excluded from the airy atmosphere of the sitting room.

“Apart from light, the roof windows also enlarge the floor-to-ceiling height in the extension, and I love that,” Malene states. 

Anders appreciates how the extension, though it appears square from the outside, feels vibrant and varied on the inside: “What  I find especially valuable are the lights and shadows created by the windows. I like the sense of edges and lines in the room.”

Ground floor
A home that grows with its residents - Impact of sun in the living space
First floor
Photos: Torben Eskerod

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