Langebjerg school becomes lighter and brighter

The classrooms were dark, the air felt stuffy and the old roof plates were cracking. But when Langebjerg School embarked on a renovation with roof windows, the solution turned out to be both comfortable and contemporary.


Time had not been kind to Langebjerg School. Built in the 1980s, the buildings looked modern but the classrooms were not suited for today's long schooldays and flexible study schedules. In addition, in 2013 the roof was cracking due to poor fibre cement roof plates. 

Teachers and pupils alike felt the shortcomings. Lene Mossin, who teaches history, Danish and music at Langebjerg School, was especially concerned about the poor air quality. During long schooldays, the classrooms felt dry and stuffy. Lene Mossin tried to cope with it by opening the facade windows, but:"The pupils often complained that they were cold and that there was a draft," she says. 

However, the nearby Endrup School had managed to solve indoor climate problems quite similar to those Langebjerg School was struggling with. A pre-school building had been renovated with roof windows, much to the delight of teachers and pupils. 

Hans Frøslev, Deputy Head of Langebjerg School, visited one of the renovated pre-school buildings to seek inspiration:

It was clearly an improved room in terms of light and air quality. These things matter the most to me, especially because of the longer school days.

Hans Frøslev, Deputy Head of Langebjerg School

Langebjerg School decided to embark on a major renovation. In the school's north building, the old roof was replaced and extra insulation added. The new roof is equipped with 59 VELUX Integra® roof windows.


The Integra windows are operated with a remote control but they can also be programmed to open and close automatically triggered by CO2 levels inside the building. Awning blinds prevent glare and overheating on hot days while minimising heat losses on cold days.

After taking the rooms into use, the improved lighting was the most valued feature among the pupils: "Previously, when the room was darker, it sometimes felt sort of shut in," 10-year-old Erik explains, while his classmate Nasrin adds: "Now it’s easier to find a good spot when you have to work."

Teacher Lena Mossin expresses a more general satisfaction with the renovation: "The first time we entered the new rooms, I just thought ‘wow, this is great!’.”


Langebjerg School is located in the municipality of Fredensborg, around 40 km north of the Danish capital of Copenhagen. 

In 2014, the school and municipality administration embarked on the renovation of six classrooms, a hall, toilets and a common room in the north building.

Daylight factor

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Daylight factor

Photos: Torben Eskerod

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