An old farmhouse with small windows
Planning: Christoph Pauschitz based on an idea by Jakob Dunkl / Photos: Romana Fürnkranz
An old farmhouse with small windows

Barbara and Christoph Pauschitz bought and lovingly restored an old farmhouse, located in an idyllic lane in the Austrian Weinviertel. "We are both people who follow our gut. We bought the house in the winter when everything was covered in snow and you couldn't see much of the garden. Nevertheless, we somehow knew this place was special. The house and being so close to nature inspired us immediately. What's more is it is not far from Vienna, and yet you're in this completely different, tranquil setting--and with good infrastructure in a friendly neighbourhood." Together with architect Jakob Dunkl, Christoph, a product designer and Barbara, a ceramist, came up with a contemporary concept to breathe new life into the old farmhouse. They've created a slice of paradise for themselves in which they're now raising their young twins.

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Use the light from above

In the recent refurbishment, the original 80 m2 farmhouse, a house typical of the Weinviertel with a barn, was expanded extensively. At both ends of the old L-shaped building, the family built timber-frame extensions with pitched roofs. "We intentionally integrated the sloping ceilings of the extensions into the room, and that meant it was essential for us to use roof windows to let as much natural daylight as we could. In general, natural light from above is very valuable and pleasant", says Christoph Pauschitz.

Main benefits of getting VELUX roof windows

  1. Light quality and atmosphere: "The quality of the daylight flooding the space from above as well as the atmosphere it creates throughout the day as it moves through the rooms were the main reasons we opted to install roof windows."
  2. Generous sense of space: "We opted for wooden roof windows, which we arranged in pairs in both rooms - one above the other in the living room and two next to each other in my wife's studio. I really like the arrangement because it creates such a generous sense of space."
  3. Cooling ventilation: "When it gets too hot, the ventilation they provide is very important. The fastest way for the hot air to escape is upwards through the roof windows."
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Planning: Christoph Pauschitz based on an idea by Jakob Dunkl / Photos: Romana Fürnkranz
We love the view and atmosphere of all the light

"The house originally had very small windows, as was common in farmhouses. Of course that's far from cosy on a rainy day. That's why windows were so important to us. Today we have this generous, uninterrupted view of the rolling fields and all this gorgeous light streaming into the house", says the homeowner. 

"In principle, we built the house as a frame for the view."
- Barbara and Christoph, homeowners
Perfectly integrated
Planning: Christoph Pauschitz based on an idea by Jakob Dunkl / Photos: Romana Fürnkranz
Perfectly integrated

Even from the outside, the roof windows are integrated so harmoniously into the roof and don't look out of place at all. In general, it was very important to the family that the house fit seamlessly into its surroundings. It seems they've nailed it: "We receive a lot of positive responses from neighbours and passers-by and have also received some awards", explains the homeowner.

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