Extending up

When Claire Williams and Sam Roberts first bought their family home in Faversham, they carried out a full house renovation but quickly realised they needed more space. They decided to transform their loft into a guest bedroom and en-suite and haven’t looked back.

Claire, a 40 year-old TV producer, designed the loft herself but she and husband Sam, a 39 year-old cybersecurity expert, enlisted the help of an architectural draftsman to draw up the plans for their new loft space: “Although I designed the layout of the room it was good to have the expertise of the draftsman because he flagged that we wouldn’t be able to fit a standard sized door on the en-suite bathroom so we created a hidden door in what looks like a wall of shelves.

It turned what could’ve been a negative into a real positive and has made a lovely feature in the room”, explained Claire.

The couple decided on a VELUX centre-pivot roof window and dormer combination in their new bedroom and installed a second centre-pivot window in the hallway adjacent. Claire said: “When it came to maximising daylight and increasing space in the room we really wanted to get the best of both worlds which is why we installed a VELUX centre-pivot window alongside a dormer. The roof window brings in so much more daylight throughout the day and the dormer gives us the extra bit of head height we were looking for as well.
“I knew from the start I wanted to use a bold colour palette so the space had to be as light and bright as possible and the extra VELUX window has definitely made that happen. Our formerly dark first floor hallway has also been completely brightened up by the centre-pivot window we had installed there too as it floods the staircase with so much daylight.”

Claire and Sam have white shutters on their dormer window and a green blackout blind on the centre-pivot roof window in their guest bedroom. Talking about how the options offered by VELUX suited Claire’s design style, she said: “I really liked the wide range of colours of VELUX blinds that are available, as I wanted an olive green bed and the blind we chose matches its colour exactly. Sam is also happy for me to take the lead when it comes to decorating as he always likes the results!”

"I have always loved mixing vintage, mid-century furniture finds with bright colours and patterns and I had a very strong idea of how I wanted the interiors to look so VELUX having so many bold colours available suited me perfectly."
- Claire, homeowner
Reconfiguring the Victorian villa

The family have been able to make the most of their house since converting their loft and Claire and Sam now have even more space to enjoy with their two sons, seven year-old Rufus and Rex, aged three. Claire said: “We plan to live in this house as a family for a long time which is why we added a kitchen extension when we moved in so we’d have plenty of space for the family downstairs.

"Adding another bedroom with an en-suite bathroom has really balanced out the house and helped us take full advantage of the space as a whole."
- Claire, homeowner