Inspired by a friend's project

After seeing the success of a friend’s loft conversion, Claire and Paul Hammond wasted no time and began researching how they could transform their own loft space into a new master bedroom and en-suite.

Claire, a 54 year old radiographer and Paul a 57 year old radiologist, designed their loft with the help of a local architect and builder. They always knew they would install VELUX roof windows as part of the build as daylight was a key part of the design.

Claire said: “VELUX is a longstanding brand known for its reliable, good quality products so we knew they wouldn’t let us down.”

They opted for five top-hung VELUX roof windows to help give their new master suite that light, bright and airy feel: “We really wanted to maximise the views we could get from the windows so chose to go with all top-hung windows because they open right out from the bottom so you have that extra bit of space to enjoy it”, explained Claire.

The couple had three roof windows installed down one side of their loft to create a wall of glazing and a fourth placed on the south facing side of the loft.

“We were keen to have a wall of glazing because we wanted something that would give the space that extra ‘wow’ factor and really increase the daylight we could bring into it. Having the fourth window on a separate, south facing wall also makes sure the daylight is evenly spread across the room which is amazing”, said Claire.

The fifth window was installed in their new en-suite bathroom: “We wanted to keep the en-suite as bright and airy as the rest of our new room, so we installed a fifth window in there to continue the flow of daylight across both rooms”, continued Claire.

Claire and Paul chose their VELUX blinds with comfort in mind and bought a combination of duo blackout blinds and blackout blinds.

Claire said: “We put the duo blackout blinds on the south facing side of the loft because the semi-transparent pleated layer lets you diffuse the amount of daylight streaming in on sunnier days and stops the room from getting too warm. The blackout blinds on the other windows also avoid any potential wake-ups at the crack of dawn!”

Designing a tranquil haven

Taking inspiration from their seaside location, the Hammonds followed a colour scheme of light shades and pastels which has helped make it the tranquil haven they now enjoy so much.

Claire added: “It is a very peaceful place to spend time in as it’s sound proofed for when you want some quiet but when you open the windows you can hear the birds singing which is lovely. The high levels of daylight that flood the space from the roof windows also make it such an attractive place to relax in and you can see the benefit of it as it travels through to the middle of the house."

"Our labrador, Ruby, is sadly too old to make it up the stairs to the loft but I’m sure she’d love it just as much as we do if she could!"
- Claire, homeowner