When building your own home in a suburban setting, it can be challenging to balance the need for privacy with a desire for an open, spacious design. But this challenge has been met at Farm View, a family dwelling in Stoke-on-Trent. Farm View is one of six building plots formed as part of a pioneering residential development and designed to reflect the owner's individual needs and lifestyles.

The owners wanted a balance between privacy from neighbouring houses and an open connection to the outside world. To achieve this, architects Design21 opted for a simple, ordered form made from a mix of variable-sized glazing, timber feature panels, and brickwork.

Achieving privacy with the right glazing

The modest front elevation displays six vertical windows and a large porch area at the entrance, which provides the occupants with discreet views outside and a sense of privacy.

Conversely, the south-west rear elevation enjoys generous areas of full height glazing, which connects the external garden with the internal space.

Main benefits of getting VELUX roof windows

  1. 15-20% more daylight: To enhance the home’s connection with daylight and the outside world, the Farm View has an open plan layout on both the upper and lower floors, which allows the double height glazed gallery and a range of VELUX roof windows to bathe the entire space with natural daylight.

  2. Enhanced privacy: Glazing from above achieves more privacy in the family home, with less direct sightlines from neighbouring homes. 

  3. Natural ventilation: Given the open ceiling space is formed by sloping angles, the VELUX roof windows were key to providing excellent access to natural ventilation.
Controlling the indoor climate

The roof window positioning facilitates greater air circulation, especially on those long summer days, and their use maintains the dwelling’s need for privacy. The owners’ also opted to enrich their experience of daylight and fresh air by choosing to install VELUX INTEGRA® roof windows – offering them full control of their indoor climate, comfort and home security.

"The vision for Farm View was focused on providing the owners with a responsive dwelling that balanced privacy with openness. It was a challenging brief, but the use of VELUX roof windows allowed us to bring the outside in without compromising the family’s suburban privacy."
- Paul Adams, principal designer for Design 21