Who we are

About the VELUX Group 

For almost 80 years, we have created better indoor environments by bringing daylight and fresh air into homes and other buildings all over the world. Our key products are roof windows, flat roof skylights and modular skylights for commercial buildings as well as accessories like blinds, and roller shutters, plus solutions for operating them, including sensor-driven, remote controlled and smart-home systems.


Our VELUX Values are presented as five core statements. They are much more than just words though. Our Values express who we are and they are best experienced when they are lived in our everyday working life.


In 1941, entrepreneur and inventor Villum Kann Rasmussen came up with an idea to transform dark attics into liveable spaces full of daylight and fresh air.

His first roof window was patented in 1942. He came up with a distinctive name that highlights the key benefits of his solution: ‘VE’, short for ventilation and ‘LUX’, latin for light - VELUX.


The VELUX Group management team has many years of international corporate experience ensuring the VELUX Group is constantly growing and striving to be a model company.


Like any other company, our business depends on the people who work for us. Employees who are dedicated to what they do; who come up with new ideas and have the skills to make them happen.