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With the Healthy Buildings Day, the VELUX Group invites key players across the building industry for a dialogue on value, design and user trends. We bring together builders, developers, planners, building owners, architects, scientists and users – the total value chain. Throughout the day, we will explore how health and comfort can drive value, and we will demonstrate how healthy buildings can be a cornerstone in business today. We set a strong focus on how daylight and comfort can be made tangible by showing building cases, results and experiences. 

The keynotes cover: Why it is increasingly important to focus on health-enhancing features of buildings? What are the parameters and metrics of a healthy home, a healthy workplace or a healthy learning environment? How can healthy buildings increase and differentiate business value? How do you design buildings that support health, happiness, learning abilities and productivity? We will also hear the latest research results from the 2019 Healthy Homes Barometer and testimonials from inhabitants of healthy homes: What does it feel like, and how do they experience the difference?

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10 OCTOBER 2019

9.00 - 9.30

Arrival & registration

9.30 - 13.00

Morning session plenary

Moderator Katrina Sichel, Wit and Word Communications (B)

Welcome by David Briggs, CEO of the VELUX Group 

Welcome by Marjolaine Meynier-Millefert, French Member of Parliament, co-host of the French building renovation plan (FR)

Keynote "Healthy Buildings: How Indoor Environments Shape Our Health​" by
Joseph Allen, Director, Healthy Buildings Program, Harvard School of Public Health (USA)

Keynote "The Big Why" by
Carla Cammilla Hjort, CEO, Space10 (DK)

Keynote "Think Natural Light" by 
Vincent Le Garrec, Associate Architect, Nomade Architectes (F)

Practice examples

"Healthy Homes Barometer 2019 Presentation & Political Framing" by 
Marjolaine Meynier-Millefert, French Member of Parlament, co-host of the French Building Renovation Plan (FR) 
 Ingrid Reumert, Vice President Global Stakeholder Communications & Sustainability,  the VELUX Group (DK)

"Just Like Living Outside" by
Family Ibbotson Testimonial (CA)

Professional House Builders Panel on User-Centric Design "Is the End User the Center of Design?​" by

Morten Chrone, Group COO, HusCompagniet​ (DK)

Edouard Herinckx, CEO, Thomas & Piron​ (B)

David Lacroix, President, Maisons Berval & Maisons Evolution (FR)

 Harwil de Jonge​, Director, Heijmans Real Estate​ (NL)


13.00 - 14.00

Lunch & network


14.00 - 16.00

Break-out sessions: Panel discussions with researchers, practitioners and other building professionals

Future Living

Carla Cammilla Hjort, CEO, Space10 (DK)

Suzanne Deoux, Doctor of Medicine, Associate Honorary Lecturer, University of Angers (FR)

Cabin Spacey (DE)

Catalyzing Scale

Moderator, Sergio Altomonte, Professor of Architectural Physics, Architecture et Climat, Faculty of Architecture, Architectural Engineering, Urbanism, Université Louvain la Neuve (B)

Facilitator, Lara Anne Hale, Assistant Professor & Postdoctoral Researcher, Copenhagen Business School & VELUX Group (DK)

"Renovactive Overview & Demonstration Results" by
Friedl Decock, Building Physics Consulting Engineer, Partner, Daidalos Engineers (B)

Petrus Te Braak, Sociologist, Vrije Universitet Brussels (B)

Joeri Minnen, Researcher-Entrepreneur Sociology Department, Research Group TOR, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (B)

             Jens Christoffersen, Senior Reseacher, Knowledge Centre for Daylight, Energy & Indoor Climate,  VELUX Group (DK) 

             Thorbjørn Færing Asmussen, Indoor Climate Engineer, Knowledge Centre for Daylight, Energy & Indoor Climate, VELUX Group (DK) 

"Renovactive Replications in the Ben Huur Projects" by
Johan Lapere, Project Manager for Energy Efficiency Renovations, Energy Expert, and Building Manager, City of Kortrijk (B)

"Indoor Climate Incentive Programme" by
Mette Mogensen, Director of Urban and Residential Development, (DK)

Active Insights

Moderator, Catherine Juillard, Director of Business Development for Specifiers, VELUX France (FR)

"VELUX Active – Working with Digital Products from Implementation, Learning and Insights" by
Kent Holm, Vice President Global Product Management, VELUX Group (DK)

"How to Capture Business Opportunities from Big Data and Working with Big Data" by
Vinay Venkatraman, CEO & Founder, Leapcraft (DK)

Rethink Daylight

Moderator, Giulio Camiz, Architect, Urban Planner, VELUX Italy (IT)


16.00 - 17.00 

Recap sessions and results

Recap and closing by Keith Riddle, Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing, the VELUX Group