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For the fifth time the VELUX Group invited key players across the building industry for a dialogue on value, design and user trends at Healthy Buildings Day on October 10, 2019. At Le Carreau du Temple, we brought together builders, developers, planners, building owners, architects, scientists and users – the total value chain - to explore how health and comfort can drive value, and demonstrate how healthy buildings can be a cornerstone in business today. We set a strong focus on how daylight and comfort can be made tangible by showing building cases, results and experiences.

During the day, some of the leading professionals working with healthy buildings explored  questions like why it is increasingly important to focus on health-enhancing features of buildings, what the parameters and metrics of a healthy home, a healthy workplace or a healthy learning environment are and how can healthy buildings increase and differentiate business value.

At Healthy Buildings Day, the VELUX Group launched the 2019 edition of its Healthy Homes Barometer 2019, an annual research-based report that takes the pulse of European homes and buildings and examines how they can be improved for the benefit of individuals, societies and the planet.


VELUX Healthy Buildings Day, Le Carreau du Temple, Paris



"Think Natural Light" by
Vincent Le Garrec, Associate Architect, Nomade Architectes (FR)

"The Big Why" by
Carla Cammilla Hjort, CEO, Space10 (DK)


"Healthy Homes Barometer 2019 Presentation & Political Framing"
by Marjolaine Meynier-Millefert, French Member of Parlament, co-host of the French Building Renovation Plan (FR) &
Ingrid Reumert, Vice President Global Stakeholder Communications & Sustainability, the VELUX Group (DK)

"Just Like Living Outside"
by Family Ibbotson Testimonial (CA)

Professional House Builders Panel on User-Centric Design "Is the End User the Center of Design?​"
by Morten Chrone, Group COO, HusCompagniet​ (DK)
Emmanuel Stenier, Group CPO, Thomas & Piron​ (B)
David Lacroix, President, Maisons Berval & Maisons Evolution (FR)
Harwil de Jonge​, Director, Heijmans Real Estate​ (NL)
Jan Kristian Matzen, Managing Director, Fjorborg Häuser (DE)


Carla Cammilla Hjort, CEO, Space10 (DK)
Simon Becker, CEO, Co-founder, Cabin Spacey (DE)

Harwil de Jonge​, Director, Heijmans Real Estate​ (NL)

Suzanne Deoux, Doctor of Medicine, Associate Honorary Lecturer, University of Angers (FR)


Didier Mignery, Architect, CEO, Upfactor Surélévation (FR)
 Ingrid Reumert, Vice President Global Stakeholder Communications & Sustainability,  the VELUX Group (DK)
Andy Cornaby, Managing Director, ModPods International (UK)
"VELUX Active – Sharing the First Results"
by Kent Holm, Vice President Global Product Management, VELUX Group (DK)


"Renovactive Overview & Demonstration Results. Part I: Behaviour"
by Friedl Decock, Building Physics Consulting Engineer, Partner, Daidalos Engineers (B)
Petrus Te Braak, Sociologist, Vrije Universitet Brussels (B)
Thorbjørn Færing Asmussen, Indoor Climate Engineer, Knowledge Centre for Daylight, Energy & Indoor Climate, VELUX Group (DK)
"Renovactive Overview & Demonstration Results Part II: Replicability"
by Friedl Decock, Building Physics Consulting Engineer, Partner, Daidalos Engineers (B)

"Renovactive Replications in the Ben Huur Projects"
by Johan Lapere, Project Manager for Energy Efficiency Renovations, Energy Expert, and Building Manager, City of Kortrijk (B)

"Indoor Climate Incentive Programme"
by Mette Mogensen, Director of Urban and Residential Development, (DK)


Giulio Camiz, Architect, Urban Planner, VELUX Italy (IT)
Keith Riddle, Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing, the VELUX Group

10 OCTOBER 2019

9.00 - 9.30

Arrival & registration

9.30 - 13.00

Morning session plenary

Moderator Katrina Sichel, Managing Director, Wit and Word Communications (B)

Welcome by David Briggs, CEO of the VELUX Group 

Welcome by Marjolaine Meynier-Millefert, French Member of Parliament, co-host of the French building renovation plan (FR)

Keynote "Healthy Buildings: How Indoor Environments Shape Our Health​" by
Joseph Allen, Director, Healthy Buildings Program, Harvard School of Public Health (USA)

Keynote "The Big Why" by
Carla Cammilla Hjort, CEO, Space10 (DK)

Keynote "Think Natural Light" by 
Vincent Le Garrec, Associate Architect, Nomade Architectes (FR)

Practice examples

"Healthy Homes Barometer 2019 Presentation & Political Framing" by 
Marjolaine Meynier-Millefert, French Member of Parlament, co-host of the French Building Renovation Plan (FR) 
 Ingrid Reumert, Vice President Global Stakeholder Communications & Sustainability,  the VELUX Group (DK)

"Just Like Living Outside" by
Family Ibbotson Testimonial (CA)

Professional House Builders Panel on User-Centric Design "Is the End User the Center of Design?​" by

Morten Chrone, Group COO, HusCompagniet​ (DK)

Emmanuel Stenier, Group CPO, Thomas & Piron​ (B)

David Lacroix, President, Maisons Berval & Maisons Evolution (FR)

Harwil de Jonge​, Director, Heijmans Real Estate​ (NL)

Jan Kristian Matzen, Managing Director, Fjorborg Häuser (DE)


13.00 - 14.00

Lunch & network


14.00 - 16.00

Break-out sessions: Panel discussions with researchers, practitioners and other building professionals

Future Living

Carla Cammilla Hjort, CEO, Space10 (DK)

Suzanne Deoux, Doctor of Medicine, Associate Honorary Lecturer, University of Angers (FR)

 Harwil de Jonge​, Director, Heijmans Real Estate​ (NL)

Simon Becker, CEO, Co-founder, Cabin Spacey (DE)

Catalyzing Scale

Moderator, Sergio Altomonte, Professor of Architectural Physics, Architecture et Climat, Faculty of Architecture, Architectural Engineering, Urbanism, Université Louvain la Neuve (B)

Facilitator, Lara Anne Hale, Assistant Professor & Postdoctoral Researcher, Copenhagen Business School & VELUX Group (DK)

"Renovactive Overview & Demonstration Results" by
Friedl Decock, Building Physics Consulting Engineer, Partner, Daidalos Engineers (B)

Petrus Te Braak, Sociologist, Vrije Universitet Brussels (B)

             Thorbjørn Færing Asmussen, Indoor Climate Engineer, Knowledge Centre for Daylight, Energy & Indoor Climate, VELUX Group (DK) 

Moritz Fedkenheuer, Architectural Sociologist, Darmstadt University of Technology (DE)

"Renovactive Replications in the Ben Huur Projects" by
Johan Lapere, Project Manager for Energy Efficiency Renovations, Energy Expert, and Building Manager, City of Kortrijk (B)

"Indoor Climate Incentive Programme" by
Mette Mogensen, Director of Urban and Residential Development, (DK)

Smart Home

Moderator, Catherine Juillard, Director of Business Development for Specifiers, VELUX France (FR)

"VELUX Active – Sharing the First Results" by
Kent Holm, Vice President Global Product Management, VELUX Group (DK)

"Working with Big Data" by
Vinay Venkatraman, CEO & Founder, Leapcraft (DK)

 "The Future of Smart Homes" by
Rudy van Gurp, Head of TBI WOONlab (NL)

Transforming Cities

Moderator, Oliver Jones, Director of Research, Ryder Architecture (UK)

             Joseph Allen, Director, Healthy Buildings Program, Harvard School of Public Health (US)

 Ingrid Reumert, Vice President Global Stakeholder Communications & Sustainability,  the VELUX Group (DK)

Andy Cornaby, Managing Director, ModPods International (UK)

Didier Mignery, Architect, CEO, Upfactor Surélévation (FR)

Rethink Daylight

Moderator, Giulio Camiz, Architect, Urban Planner, VELUX Italy (IT)


16.00 - 17.00 

Recap sessions and results

Recap and closing by Keith Riddle, Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing, the VELUX Group 




Andy Cornaby has worked on the contracting side of social housing all his working life and has a reputation for sourcing the best solutions to achieve the greatest results. Andy appreciates the challenges the social housing sector has to face, the need for repetition and robustness in the products required to support the asset management of any housing stock. Working for three years in designing the ModPod architectural range of pods Andy and the ModPod team have created spacious, desirable and affordable homes, offering a solution to the current housing crisis.


Carla Cammilla Hjort is the co-founder and director of SPACE10 - a future living lab in Copenhagen - set up in close collaboration with IKEA. Their overall goal is to create opportunities for a better and more sustainable way of living. 
Carla Cammilla Hjort is a creative and cultural entrepreneur with a deep passion for peopleradical ideas and great design. In 2006 she started her first companyArtRebels, and has since added Rebel Agency, Trailerpark Festival, Social service club and SPACE10 to the portfolio. The common denominator for everything Carla Cammilla Hjort does  her wish to develop projectsbusinesses and communities that leads to positive change and today she focuses her energy on leading and developing Art Rebels.

Carla Cammilla Hjort
Catherine Juillard


Catherine Juillard
has been employed in VELUX France since 2001 and is currently Director of Business Development for Specifiers in France. She is very experienced in managing and facilitating sessions with key customers and stakeholders in the French building industry.


David Briggs
is Chief Executive Officer at the VELUX Group. David Briggs began his VELUX career in France in 1991. Since then, he has held a number of key management positions within The VELUX Group, including as General Manager of the sales company VELUX Great Britain. He was also responsible for establishing Altaterra, a sister company of The VELUX Group. Before becoming CEO in January 2018, he was Senior Vice President for Sales, Product Development and Product Management and a member of the VELUX Management Group.

David Briggs
David Lacroix


David Lacroix
is the President of two Individual Housing Construction companies in Ile de France, Maisons BERVAL and Maisons EVOLUTION, subsidiaries of the French group HEXAOM. With a total number of 220 individual houses built per year, Maisons BERVAL and Maisons EVOLUTION place the aesthetic criteria and comfort needs of residents at the heart of their design, as well as developments in construction, energy and environment. Since 2018, David Lacroix is also President of the LCA-FFB Regional Professional Federation in Ile de France, bringing together Promoters, Builders and Developers.


After a university education at EPFL in Lausanne (Switzerland) and Marne-La-Vallée, Didier Mignery obtained his diploma of architect in 2001. He founded ZOOMFACTOR® Architects in 2002 with which he realizes more than 300 projects, in housing and equipments. In 2015, he delivers his first raise the roof project in Paris. With the experience gained and the interest generated, he refocuses part of his activity on the raise the projects and accompanies his customers on all stages of a project. This approach ultimately leads to the creation of UPFACTOR® Surélévation in 2017, an independent consultancy structure with transversal expertise (architecture, engineering, law, financing) and a tool that leverages open source and big data, UPFACTOR GEOSERVICES®, a geographical information system allowing large-scale identification of the aerial land potential.

Didier Mignery
Emmanuel Stenier


Emmanuel Stenier, 49 has a Master in Mechanical Engineering, and holds a certificate in human management. His background is with the construction equipment industry, mainly in purchasing. He has spent most of his career developing long term and win-win relationships with key suppliers. He has recently joined Thomas & Piron group as the group Chief Purchasing Officer.


Friedl Decock
 is building physics consulting engineer and partner at Daidalos Peutz. Her motivation is to help build a sustainable society. In her work she inspires and supports architects and building owners in the design and construction of energy-efficient comfortable buildings and neighborhoods. Also as a volunteer, she is committed as energy expert of her home town Mechelen and recently founded a citizen movement, Klimaan. With Klimaan they want to enhance sustainable transition by an energy cooperative and by taking care of the commons. Vision with collaboration can change the world.

Friedl Decock
Giulio Camiz


Giulio Camiz
graduated in 2004 at Roma Tre University. After working as an architect and urban planner, since 2009 he works at VELUX Italia s.p.a, first as a designer and consultant in Lazio and from 2017 as a specialist in training and dissemination on the subject of daylight and architecture, through lectures and workshops for designers throughout Italy. He is also a regular speaker for VELUX Italia in technical seminars, video-training and conferences at professional orders and universities on issues of energy sustainability, Nearly Zero Energy Building and Active House.

Heijmans is a listed company in the Netherlands that focuses on infrastructure, building homes and utility buildings, developing residential areas, shopping areas and business parks. Founded in 1923 and traditionally creator of the built environment. Even today we are still feel like creators. We advise, develop and design with the ultimate goal of achieving something. We shape spatial order with heart and soul and a solid portion of common sense. We add buildings and public spaces that will remain there for perhaps a hundred years. A great responsibility but at the same time also a wonderful task to be able to contribute together with others to creating mixed complexes and neighborhoods where a mix of different target groups can live, work and recreate together.
Heijmans is a strong advocate of healthy urban living, with a conscious focus on health. We want to contribute to creating a healthy living environment where the resident is central. Everyone wants to breathe in clean air, live in a nice neighborhood, enjoy beautiful nature, work in a good workplace, travel safely from A to B and return home healthy at the end of the day. Healthy fits in with a broader movement that society has been making for a long time. Healthy eating, more exercise and a more conscious life also mean healthy living, working and moving forward. We see it as our task to shape that healthy living environment. We do this by developing, building and connecting. 
In my opinion it is a privilege to be allowed to contribute to devising and creating the built environment. Tangible, complex, challenging, inspiring. Quality, livability combined with a dose of sustainability. With partners who challenge and innovate. In my role as director within Heijmans Real Estate and Sustainability, I can make an important contribution to this.

Harwil de Jonge
Ibbotson family



Bethany has two university degrees, but you could say her most defining characteristic is her dedication to her family. She worked as an ecologist specializing in habitat restoration and community stewardship. Then, moving to Montreal Bethany continued to work on ecological initiatives, engaging urban neighbourhoods in more sound environmental practices. She put everything on hold 10 years ago to focus on her kids. Bethany is not only awesome, but she enables the rest of her family to be awesome too!


Russell is the Technical Manager for VELUX Canada and has worked for manufacturers in the building industry for 17 years. He spent time in the renewable energy sector before getting into windows about 10 years ago. Russell studied engineering but has spent a lot of time in sales and sees the value to firsthand experiences. Russell is strategic, methodical and focused. Russell balances his time with commercial business development, industry volunteering and making as much time as possible for his family.   


Lucy will be 10 in a few months. She is enthusiastic and happy, a real mother hen. Lucy has Phelan-McDermid Syndrome, an autism related disorder causing global delays. She enjoys playing outside, dancing and painting.  



Eleanor turns 7 next month. The name of our session comes from a quote she gave the first time we walked into the house upon seeing the tree in the courtyard, “Its just like living outside”. She was only 3 then. Eleanor is serious, conscientious and inquisitive.  



Poppy will turn 5 a few days before the event and may be best known for her slow-motion dive onto the green bean bag at the Active House. Poppy is very empathetic, helpful and quick to laugh.  



Henry recently turned two and although he didn’t live in Active House Centennial Park, he was conceived there! Henry is very active, loving to play ball, wearing his bike helmet and playing with his big sisters. 


Ingrid Reumert
has been employed in the VELUX Group since 2011 as VP for Global Communications, Sustainability & Public Affairs. She has the responsibility for the relations to stakeholders within the societal and political arena and is – among other things – one of the originators of the Healthy Homes Barometer which is published once a year as a temperature check of European buildings. Ingrid Reumert has an educational background in Political Science from the University of Aarhus, Denmark and Sciences-Po in Paris. Prior to her career in the VELUX Group, she has worked as advisor to politicians in the Danish Parliament and in the European Parliament in Brussels, before moving to the private sector as Director for Global Public Affairs for Terma A/S within the Defense and Security industry.

Ingrid Reumert
Jan Kristian Matzen


The Fjorborg group of companies is one of the largest providers of wooden houses in northern Germany and can look back on 23 years of company history with over 4,300 houses delivered. It was established in 2002 through the merger of the companies "Merlin-Holzhäuser" (founded in 1996) and the ”Leichhauer Holz-Baustoffe”, whose origins date back to the 1960s. In the early days, Merlin-Holzhäuser GmbH purchased timber house construction kits from Denmark and sold them in Germany. After the merger to form the group of companies in 2003, the houses were planned and produced in Germany. It is an owner-managed company that will be handed over to the third generation in 2020. Fjorborg houses fulfils year after year approx. 150 owner families the dream of Sweden houses. We combine the demands of the German market with Scandinavian architecture and lifestyle.


Jens Christoffersen joined the VELUX Group in 2010, where he works in the Daylight, Energy and Indoor Climate group (DEIC). Prior to VELUX, he spent almost 20 years at the Danish Building Research Institute. Overall, Jens has, for many years, been involved in national and international research programs, appointed scientific reviewer for International academic Journals and Conferences and involved in European standardization. DEIC is the collected knowledge centre in the area of daylight, energy and indoor climate – related to the effects of VELUX product in buildings. Hereunder, to ensure relevance and to promote expanded use of VELUX products by providing specific documentation and information within the fields of daylighting, ventilation, indoor air quality, energy use and thermal comfort.
Jens Christoffersen
Joeri Minnen


Joeri Minnen
is Researcher-Entrepreneur at the Research Group TOR (Tempus Omnia Revelat – Time reveals everything) of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB, Belgium). He studies daily human behaviour with a focus on the methodology of time-diary studies and has been involved in most of TOR’s research projects into time registration. Since 2011 his focus lies on the development of the MOTUS software, which makes it able to collect time diary data online and in a more automatic way. Recently he established hbits CVBA, a Spin-Off of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. He holds the position of Managing Director. Joeri Minnen is treasurer of IATUR (International Association for Time- Use Research) and expert in the working group on harmonised time-use research (HETUS) of EUROSTAT.


Johan Lapere
- Project Manager for Energy Efficiency Renovations, Energy Expert, and Building Manager. 
He is originally trained in carpentry and electricity, and has continued to lead and manage multiple public sector initiatives. These include: project leader in public buildings such as hospitals and retirement homes and project developer within a workplace for alternative labor in the social sector. In addition to this, Johan is Chief Instructor of the Social Workplace in the city of Menen, Belgium, and both Technical Coordinator for the learning workplace of the OCMW and Technical Advisor for the social rental office in the city of Kortrijk. He is an active member of the RenBEN working group from the Leiedal regional development project, in collaboration with Ghent University and other partners, to research efficient renovation of rental properties for the social rental market. Last but not least, Johan is the Renovation supervisor for the city of Kortrijk. 

Johan Lapere
Joseph Allen


Joseph Allen is an assistant professor at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. He began his career conducting forensic health investigations of sick buildings in several hundred buildings across a diverse range of industries, including healthcare, biotechnology, education, commercial office real estate and manufacturing. At Harvard, Dr. Allen directs the Healthy Buildings program where he created ‘The 9 Foundations of a Healthy Building’. He is also the faculty advisor to the Harvard Healthier Building Materials Academy. He works with Fortune 100 companies on implementing Healthy Building strategies in their global portfolios and presents internationally on the topic of Healthy Buildings.
His work has been featured widely in the popular press, including the Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, National Geographic, Time, NPR, Newsweek, The Washington Post, Fortune and The New York Times. Dr. Allen is an Associate Editor of the Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology and an Associate Editor of the journal Indoor Air. He earned his Doctor of Science (DSc) and Master of Public Health (MPH) degrees from the Boston University School of Public Health, and a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Biology from Boston College. More information on his research can be found at:

New book: "Healthy Buildings: How Indoor Spaces Drive Performance and Productivity" co-authored with Harvard Business School professor John Macomber, due out in April, 2020 (Harvard University Press)


Katrina Sichel
is a London-born, Brussels-based moderator with a degree in Modern Languages from Oxford University. A former TV producer and co-director of a broadcast PR company, she put together news packages for the BBC, Sky News, ITV, Channel 4, AP and Reuters, interviewing well-known figures from the arts, fashion, corporate and political arenas. Since 2008, Katrina has been moderating events in Brussels and across Europe covering diverse topics and policy areas – from R&I, digital transformation, transport and social affairs, to agriculture, environment, energy, fisheries and health. Alongside, until 2017, she managed the development and roll-out across Europe of multi-lingual, multimedia communications campaigns targeting the public, and EU and national stakeholders representing diverse sectors. Katrina speaks fluent French, rusty Russian and a dash of German alongside her native tongue.

Katrina Sichel
Keith Riddle


Kent Holm
has been employed in the VELUX Group since 1998 and is currently VP for Global Product Management. He is an experienced Global Vice President with a demonstrated history of working in the building industry. He has a strong multinational background within marketing and product management, and a significant professional experience within innovation models, opportunity spaces, digital disruption and internet of Things. ​
He has the responsibility for the (product) development of VELUX Active plus many other new product innovations from the current product pipeline. Furthermore, the he is responsible for the overall global product management of the well-known VELUX Roof Window. Kent Holm has an educational background in Business and marketing from the University of Aarhus, Denmark.

Kent Holm
Lara Anne Hale


Lara Anne Hale
is an organizational researcher focusing on the development of sustainability in the building sector. Her current project is an industrial postdoctoral fellowship with VELUX, CBS, and BLOXHUB on the topic of ‘Smart Buildings and Cities Business Model Innovation’. It is supported by Innovationsfonden and Realdania. This project is enacted as part of the Science Forum at Denmark’s building innovation centre, BLOXHUB, and the Governing Responsible Business Research Environment at CBS. Lara’s background is highly interdisciplinary, including such areas as international policy, ecological economics, environmental science, green engineering, and ecosystem biology, and she finds these subjects to greatly enrich sustainability and organizational research.


Marjolaine Meynier-Millefert was born on 30 September 1982 and has dual French-Dutch nationality. She holds a master's degree in English language, foreign literature and civilization as well as a master's degree in communication from organizations. She began as an English teacher before developing her career by creating her communication strategy consulting company. Through this consulting business, she has assisted small businesses and SMEs in their marketing and strategic development. A citizen engaged in community life, founder and then president of a Young Local Economic Chamber, Marjolaine Meynier-Millefert defends politics, in its Athenian sense: "to improve the life of the city". Passionate about local initiatives and convinced that collective energy makes it possible to deploy innovative solutions, Marjolaine Meynier-Millefert engages in public life during the 2016 regional elections. She becomes regional advisor of Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, a member of the opposition to Laurent Wauquiez. She was then elected MP for the 10th constituency of Isère under the colors of the Republic Marche in June 2017. Member of the Commission for Sustainable Development, she is appointed co-host of the building renovation plan, alongside Alain Maugard, in December 2017 by the Ministers of the Ecological and Solidarity Transition and the Cohesion of the Territories.

Marjolaine Meynier-Millefert
Mette Mogensen


Mette Mogensen - director of urban and residential development, Throughout her career, Mette Mogensen has worked with developing within architecture. The development work has in recent years focused on the work with urban development and in developing general housing in, who manages approx. 60,000 homes distributed throughout Denmark. Mette Mogensen is an architect, appointed assessor by the Danish association of Architects and is head of Domea.dks urban and residential development.


Moritz Fedkenheuer
is an architectural sociologist based in Berlin. He is an expert in user based post-occupancy evaluation and has been involved in several VELUX research projects dealing with the housing well-being, liveability and the human-home interaction. He served at Humboldt-University of Berlin and Darmstadt University of Technology. Recently he has been intensifying his studies on the potentials of innovative forms of housing and shared living as a research assistant at 'Survey Research and Evaluation' in Berlin.

Moritz Fedkenheuer
Morten Chrone


Morten Chrone
, 53 year old Dane, has a background within the Construction industry and whole selling business. Morten is educated Civil engineer and MBA and has worked internationally for many years construction and selling homes, offices and public buildings. Since 2017 Morten has been Group COO with HusCompagniet, designing, selling and constructing nearly 2.000 individual homes/year in Denmark, Sweden and Germany.


Oliver Jones
is an active ambassador for wellbeing, healthy buildings and research + innovation in the AEC sector. He has delivered TED talks and regularly speaks publicly at international conferences on construction 4.0, technology enhanced healthy buildings and promoting design for wellbeing as well as developing research + innovation strategies for AEC businesses. Oliver has recently joined the award-winning international practice Ryder Architecture as Research Director to manage and develop their growing research power. Working with a network of international government policy makers, funding bodies, academic networks and industry partners Ryder conduct collaborative, pioneering research across many areas of the AEC sector. Oliver champions healthy building design and an approach to placemaking that embraces new technologies to enhance public and environmental health while delivering social value. Much of his works explore the notion of the building as a lab and the city as a lab, and how society can most intelligently use emerging technology and data to improve societal and environmental health. He has previous experience in technology enhanced learning and embedding technology in new training and curricula design and has worked with the UK, US, Swedish and Malaysian governments as well as Stanford, Berkeley and Cambridge Universities in this area. Oliver also sits on the Historic England Expert Advisory Group advising on research and development, wellbeing, widening participation and digital strategy development.

Oliver Jones
Petrus te Braak


Petrus te Braak
is a sociologist at the research group Tempus Omnia Revelat of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium. He studies various topics related to human behaviour from a cultural sociological pespective. Recently, Petrus was involved in a study on relocation motives of former Brusselians, as well as the sociological monitoring of the family that lives in the RenovActive house.


After completing the HTS, Rudy van Gurp was convinced that he would be successful as a technician. Rudy started as a work planner at a regional contractor with the mission: ‘Everything I work out, I must be able to make’. "I learned a lot from the ‘men from outside’. But I also learned what construction really is all about: the end users. At TBI-company Hazenberg I had the opportunity to develop myself further as a buyer advisor towards the front of the building process. After this, I developed further into project managing preparation. In 2012, I had the opportunity, together with colleagues from ERA Contour and Koopmans, to think about the content of the lekkerEIGENhuis living concept. Which subsequently became one of the first concepts of TBI WOONlab.” After the development of various concepts within TBI WOONlab, Rudy was ready for the next step and made the switch to Van Wijnen.

“As an innovation manager, I felt responsible for being able to make affordable homes for everyone. In addition, we need new home products and new innovations in the real estate industry. I am always looking for new innovations and with my creativity I translate the wishes of clients and end users into new products. This can be a new production method, a new financing model of real estate or a new type of housing.” The passion for building and innovation have brought Rudy back to TBI WOONlab. “As head of TBI WOONlab, I can focus all my energy on innovations and product developments. We are currently developing circular concepts with the help of sensoring. Data is used for energy-efficient, healthy and comfortable homes.” Our mission is: Innovate and create value with smart home products for all target groups and with the focus on the end user.

Rudy van Gurp
Sergio Altomonte


Sergio Altomonte
is Professor of Architectural Physics at the Université catholique de Louvain (Belgium), where he directs the research group Architecture et Climat. A fully-registered architect, he obtained his Diploma and PhD in Architecture and Environmental Design at La Sapienza University in Rome, after a Master in Sustainable Development at UC Louvain and EPFL (Switzerland). He has held academic positions in UK (Nottingham), Australia (Melbourne) and Italy (Rome) and visiting positions at the Royal Danish Academy (Denmark) and the University of California Berkeley (USA). His research interests and expertise lay at the intersection between indoor environmental quality, building form and systems, and human comfort, health and well-being.


Cabin Spacey - we celebrate home as a place that provides us with the same freedom and flexibility like our daily lives do. Therefore we have designed a minimal house that defies the conventions of a rigid housing market. We have reduced the complexity of the construction industry to three important elements: comfort, quality and user experience. We do not think in square meters, we think in features. The Cabin One Minimal House is our concept to shape the life and cohabit of the future.​ Every cabin consists of a premium quality wooden structure and meets the highest German building standards (EnEV).​ Panoramic windows, floor heating and fully integrated bathroom are included in the basic module already. It can be upgraded with several additional packages.​

Simon Becker
Suzanne Deoux


Suzanne Déoux is a Doctor of Medicine, an Associate honorary lecturer at the University of Angers, the brains behind the RISEB Masters in health risks in built environments, and the Founder of MEDIECO and of Health engineering in the built and urban environment. Chairwoman of the Bâtiment Santé Plus (Health+ buildings) association, she initiated the Défis Bâtiment Santé (The health-related challenges of buildings) colloquium. 
Suzanne Déoux has developed an overall approach to environmental health over the last 3 decades and more, focusing on the interaction between Buildings & Health. She has published a few reference works: L’écologiec’est la santé (Ecology means health) (1993), Habitat Qualité Santé (Quality Healthy Housing) (1997), Le Guide de l’habitat sain (The guide to healthy housing) (2002, 2004), and Bâtir pour la santé des enfants (Construction techniques designed to maintain the health of our kids) (2010) and more recently for the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME), Le Guide Grand Air (A guide to quality indoor air) (2016), and Choisir des fournitures scolaires sans risques pour la santé (Selecting risk-free school supplies to protect health) (2019). She has spoken at many training sessions organised by various firms in the construction and health sectors. She is involved in several assignments as part of her project management and contracting assistance services, aiming to ensure that health is better incorporated in urban construction and planning. She supports industrial firms with the process of defining the sanitary profiles of traditional construction products and equipment, as well as biosourcedgeosourced, recycled sourced and re-used materials. Building operators seek out her expertise when diagnosing and managing indoor air quality problems, electromagnetic exposure problems, etc.


Thorbjørn Færing Asmussen
joined the VELUX Group in 2009, as a member of DEIC. His primary tasks are working with indoor climate monitoring and analyzing, advanced building simulation, collaborations with researchers and digesting science into a language understood by everyone.
DEIC is the collected knowledge centre in the area of daylight, energy and indoor climate – related to the effects of VELUX product in buildings. Hereunder, to ensure relevance and to promote expanded use of VELUX products by providing specific documentation and information within the fields of daylighting, ventilation, indoor air quality, energy use and thermal comfort.

Thorbjorn Fring Asmussen
Vinay Venkatraman


Vinay Venkatraman
is the CEO and founder of Leapcraft, the company was created in 2013. Leapcraft is a service company working with pervasive environmental intelligence i.e. working with air quality, noise and traffic data for smart city applications. As part of Leapcraft, he is creating a new smart city focused senser network platform for ambient air quality measurement called the Copenhagen Sense. Vinay has a strong background in design and has built a data visualization academy in collaboration with the Danish Design Center. Vinay Venkatraman has an educational background in design and interactive design from the National Institute of Design and the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea.


Nomade Architects: Without tie, or Rolex, Raphael Chivot, Matthieu Laviolle and Vincent Le Garrec, three self-made men. A meeting on the school benches was capital. A crossing at sea, determining. From the camaraderie was born a friendship then an agency: Nomad for which the horizon is free and maximum openness. In other words, borders are abolished. From Paris to Vannes and recently Bordeaux - its three addresses - the agency makes all programs its specialty. It also makes of all territories, its geography. Nomad, therefore, moves and grows up

Vincent Le Garrec