Case Study Denmark
80s detached house in Vedbæk

When Dorota and Anders Nissen first entered the bungalow in Vedbæk they were disappointed, to say the least, because the estate agent’s overexposed sales photos were very much at odds with the dark, low-ceilinged room they were now looking round. However, the house, built in 1985, was in a good state, and solidly built for its time – and the location was perfect.

Main benefits of getting VELUX roof windows

  1. Better family wellbeing: "It’s fantastic standing and cooking in sunshine," says Dorota, who is surprised at the many other effects of the house’s new windows. Aesthetically, when the couple’s classic wooden furniture and fitted kitchen is beautifully illuminated, but also with regards to the family’s wellbeing and heating bills."

  2. Always fresh and pleasant here: "I had not actually considered what it would mean to have the windows’ automatic ventilation function. In everyday life it’s easy to forget to regularly air the rooms, but it now happens without our needing to think about it. It’s always fresh and pleasant here – that’s a detail that’s made an enormous difference."

  3. Don't need to have the radiators on: "And then there’s the heat! We just don’t need to have the radiators on during the fringe months, as we get so much heat for free through the windows. I had not expected that – on the contrary, I was worried it would be colder here. Fortunately, the sunshading also works perfectly during the warm months," says Dorota.
Case Study
People couldn’t believe their eyes!

"We monitored the renovation as it progressed, and I clearly remember the day they installed the VELUX roof windows. I went in – and it was so bright! It made a huge difference, and we didn’t properly grasp the extent of the change until we moved back in. When we had guests round for the first time they couldn’t believe their eyes. We were evidently the only ones to realise the potential of this dark 80s house," says Dorota.

"When we had guests round for the first time they couldn’t believe their eyes."
- Dorota, homeowner
Case Study
Standing and cooking in the sunshine

The kitchen is a hub and a natural meeting point for this couple and their children, and it had previously been hard for daylight to penetrate into the heart of this oblong room and the dining area. Two sets of VELUX roof windows – a pair at each end – now bring light into the entire kitchen, which has now got a raised ceiling into the bargain.