Case Study Denmark
Roof terrace with a balcony-feel all year round

The dream of a roof terrace became a reality for Kristina Rasmussen when she and her family got the opportunity to add a storey to the top-floor flat in Nørrebro. The attic spaces above them became free, and who doesn’t want a roof terrace? 

"Our architect, Lasse Grønnerup Johannesen from Werkt, simply said: OK, that sounds great. But have you considered how many square metres you need for a terrace that you can only use in the summer? Add to that the fact that we live in Denmark and not the south of France – so we really saw what he meant," says Kristina.

A view of the whole city

Kristina and Oliver put their thinking caps on when the cooperative started to renovate the roof and create the new storey.
"We went up and looked, as they were starting on the roof, and we suddenly realised what a view of the whole city and the City Hall tower was awaiting us. This led to lots of new considerations of what we actually wanted to use this story for. We decided we wanted to create a room with lots of cosy fittings and an orangery-like mood that we can use all year round," says Kristina Rasmussen.

Main benefits of getting VELUX roof windows

  1. More space: "The old part of the flat also seems bigger now, even though it has actually become smaller because of the staircase, which has taken up a bit of our bedroom. It’s the light that does it."

  2. The family's wellbeing: "It’s the light that does it. I’m always surprised how brilliant it is – even on a grey November day or a grim March morning we have such a vast amount of light. Thanks to this space I don’t think we’ve fallen prey to the November gloom that has beset many other people, and in the summer the flat is one big balcony," says Kristina.

  3. Product functionality: "They’re really smart! We didn’t want it to be a huge palaver opening it all out to create a balcony, and with CABRIO it takes a split second. At the same time we realised that the solution is safe for our two-year-old," she explains.
Case Study
We could hardly believe our eyes!

Three VELUX CABRIO roof terraces now bring light into the family’s newly established living room at the top of the city. With the architect’s help they have created cohesion in their two-storey flat, and as soon as you come through the front door you see the wave of daylight pouring down the staircase from the new storey.

"We can see when the city’s trees change colour, and I feel really close to nature, despite our living right up here. It’s just so nice coming home after a long day at work and sitting under the roof with the sky above us. It’s worth the big climb up to the fifth floor every single day - even with shopping bags and a tired two-year-old in tow."
- Kristina, homeowner
Case Study Denmark
Balcony all year round

The family now use their new living room as a bright refuge under the roof where all their winter blues evaporate, with a big sky and a view of the city.