A formerly depressing space

When Theresa Gromski first viewed her home in the winter of 2012 she was living in a Victorian flat conversion.

Although it was a beautiful period feature filled property the kitchen was pokey and dark with only one small window looking out to a brick wall of the neighboring property. She found it a rather depressing space to be in and rarely enjoyed cooking there.

To light filled extension

So when I walked into the light filled extension in my present house with the wintery sunlight flooding in through the VELUX roof windows and views through the patio doors to the large sunny garden I knew it was the right place for me and my son to live, I was sold on it immediately!

Fast forward six years and with the addition of my husband and our daughter our family has grown twofold and so our need for a mood enhancing and practical living/dining space to eat, socialise and do crafts and homework is even more important. We’re all creative so love to do craft projects and drawing at the dining table under the roof windows (well me and the kids, my husband not so much!)

Main benefits of getting VELUX roof windows

  1. 15-20% more daylight: The addition of the two VELUX roof windows makes for a much nicer environment and gently warms the multi-purpose room with natural daylight.

  2. Perfect workspace: It's no coincidence that the sunlight penetrating through windows has increased the couple's concentration, satisfaction in their work and well-being when working from the extension.

  3. Great natural lighting for play: The family love to take on craft projects and drawing at the dining table under the roof windows.
Much-needed additional workspace

Also increasingly both myself and my husband work from home. It has been found that the higher the sunlight that penetrates through windows the bigger the increase in people’s concentration, satisfaction in their work and well-being. The kitchen extension which is always filled with natural daylight even on the darkest winter day is the perfect spot for all these elements of family life.

"Both myself and my husband work from home and with only one office space in the house one of us needs an additional workspace. "
Theresa, homeowner

We find working there with light flooding down from the roof as well as the double aspect doors and window a much nicer environment that a dingy office. Incidentally a roof window can bring in up to 40 per cent more daylight than traditional windows of the same size.

Our present project to totally transform the patio area directly outside from the kitchen extension is only going to (I hope!) enhance this, the brightest and most used part of our home!

By Theresa Gromski, VELUX brand ambassador and UK illustrator and stylist @theresagromski