Major project on a tight timeline

There aren't many homeowners who would embark on a major home renovation project with a baby on the way, but there was no stopping Georgina and Mark Welsh from Leeds who did just that.

They had chosen the house mainly because of the garden – a hugely important feature for the couple who enjoy spending time outside with friends. They found their new east-facing home was too dark and were already looking at the ways to allow more light into the house before they had even moved in.

Breathing new life into the home

Georgina explains: “When we viewed our new house, we knew that the kitchen and dining room were quite dark and lacked natural daylight but we loved the location and the garden so went ahead with the purchase. Over time, the lack of daylight began to stop us from using the dining room and we missed the bright summer evenings we’d enjoyed so much in our old house. We always knew we’d need to do something about it.”

“We knew the VELUX flat roof windows would bring much needed light and fresh air into our home, just in time for the arrival of our baby,” explains Georgina. And that’s exactly what happened. On Friday 13 June, just days after the interiors were completed, baby Mason arrived safe and sound.

Main benefits of getting VELUX roof windows

  1. Brightening an east-facing home: Illuminating the kitchen with VELUX roof windows allows daylight to penetrate deep into the room.

  2. Less artificial lighting: “In the week leading up to Mason’s arrival, the room really came into its own. It's so bright and airy - Mason and I can sit at the piano for hours or in the corner under the rooflight and just look out the window. We don't even need to turn the lights on for much of the day - it's so unreal, the difference the windows have made.”

  3. Connecting to the outdoors: The new flat roof windows allow more light into the house helping to connect the indoor and outdoor spaces. 

"Understandably, our friends and family thought we were mad to start a renovation project just three months before my due date, but it was the right time of year and we were told we’d be the first customers ever in the UK to receive VELUX brand new curved glass flat roof windows, so it made sense to just go for it!"
Georgina, homeowner