A new vision
A new vision

Natalia and Luis had found the perfect house next to their two daughters' school, near Madrid. The problem was that they were not aware of the advantages of illuminating the attic and were not sure of whether to carry on refurbishing, given that they had little idea of how the multipurpose room would look in the end.

Never imagined such a transformation

"The VELUX roof windows were the only decision we were 100% sure about. We were blown away the first time we went up to the attic! We could never have imagined such a transformation, but we had complete faith in the architect and the installer", tells Natalia.

Main benefits of getting VELUX roof windows

  1. Aesthetic advantages: this is a no-brainer; we were overjoyed with the transformation. With so much light, the interior design options are now unlimited.

  2. Family's wellbeing: "Truth be told, I had never considered what impact the automatic ventilation function would have. You get so caught up in everyday life that it's easy to forget to ventilate your house every now and then. Now it just happens and we don't even have to think about it. As a result, our house is always cool and pleasant; this thoughtful feature has made a big difference", says Natalia.

  3. Lower heating bills: "We hadn't considered that we would also save money on heating and air conditioning. When it's cold, more heat enters through the window so we save on heating. When it's hot, curtains and blinds block the sun. In short, the temperature is always perfect and we can use the space at any time of day and any time of year. This was another pleasant surprise we had from choosing VELUX products", Natalia tells us.
We could never have imagined such a big difference
We knew we had made the right decision

"Our home refurbishment had been going on for several months already, so it was difficult for me to believe that the installer would have it all done in two mornings. When I entered, it was so bright! We could not believe what we were seeing, and we knew then that we had made the right decision. I think we were the first in our neighbourhood to see the potential of this dark 1980s house", Natalia recalls.

"The first time the girls entered the attic, they were screaming with joy."
- Natalia & Luis, homeowner
An obvious option is to illuminate the stairs
An obvious option is to illuminate the stairs in order to prevent falls

We've been up and down the stairs a million times; me, my daughters and my husband. I don't know why it had never occurred to us to make the stairs brighter. Now, a large VELUX roof window distributes light over the stairs.