case study
An attic that always overheated in the summer

The Zindel multi-family house in Beckenried with a roof-maisonette apartment with gallery was built in 1993 in the country style. As was common at the time, the roof windows were rather small due to local building regulations. The need for more daylight in the attic rooms became clear rather quickly so the owner decided to check if the roof windows could be expanded or enlarged.

Installation of VELUX ACTIVE for a pleasant indoor climate

The check revealed: Yes, there are some major improvements to be made.  Six windows were not just replaced, but extended so that significantly more daylight falls into the rooms.  All the new windows are solar-powered. A whole row of windows provides plenty of light and the two Cabrio windows, which converts to a small balcony in a few simple steps, provide more space and a great view.  The occupants are more than satisfied with the results. The rooms are filled with much more light and the views are a lot more expansive. 

Main benefits of getting VELUX roof windows

  1. Pleasant indoor climate: VELUX ACTIVE regulates the indoor climate on its own to ensure a pleasant temperature and air quality in the room.

  2. More time: Thanks to VELUX ACTIVE, the family no longer has to worry about airing the flat manually. The Smart Home solution does it all for you and keeps your head cool so you to focus on other things. 

  3. More comfort: Thanks to VELUX ACTIVE, the Zindel family now leave the house carefree every morning and come home to a pleasant indoor climate after a long day at work. That makes the evenings just that much more enjoyable.
case study

case study
VELUX ACTIVE is fascinating

VELUX ACTIVE can also be operated manually via the app.
"The effect I was expecting from VELUX ACTIVE is 100% spot on what we got. I can leave the house without any worries and return to a pleasant indoor climate in the evening", says homeowner Thomas Zindel. "Installing VELUX ACTIVE took half an hour, max." Mrs. Zindel adds: VELUX ACTIVE is fascinating. The way that it works and the fact you can just rely on it. It’s genius!" Since installing the new roof windows and VELUX ACTIVE, the Zindels cherish the time they spend in the attic. It used to be nearly impossible in the summer due to the attic overheating.