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The solution was roof windows

The first plans for the conversion also provided for the construction of dormer windows to let light into the flat under the roof. However, as the building is listed, strict heritage requirements had to be met; the planned dormers would have represented a major intervention in the roof surface, destroying part of the building in its original and preserved condition. "The solution was roof windows," explains Thorsten Trojan.

Roof windows let in up to three times more light

"The creative inspiration for this alternative came from the heritage authority itself. After we changed the plans and opted for roof windows instead of dormers to illuminate the interior, we received immediate approval for our expansion project." An added benefit of the solution: Since roof windows let in up to three times more light than dormers of the same size, the spaces under the roof are much brighter than originally planned.

Main benefits of getting VELUX roof windows

  1. Healthy living: "For me, all the windows and the brightness of the living-dining area are pure luxury. The interplay of light and shadow and the fresh air are a real treat every day", says a delighted Tanya Trojan (homeowner). 

  2. No artificial light: Likewise, the Trojans don’t usually need artificial light in daylight-flooded rooms, even on dull days.

  3. Natural ventilation: Positioning roof windows on all four roof areas provides highly effective ventilation. The cross-ventilation effect utilises natural forces such as wind and temperature differences between the different sides of the façade to make used air flow through the roof windows on one side, while fresh air flows in through the others. 
case study
Bright, spacious rooms filled with natural light

"It's unbelievable what daylight can do to transform a room that was once so dark and unused", Thorsten Trojan concludes. "Our new home has everything we want. Bright, spacious rooms with plenty of natural light, enough space for the four of us to feel at home and a great view of the listed buildings in our neighbourhood."

"It's unbelievable what daylight can do to transform a room that was once so dark and unused."
- Thorsten Trojan, homeowner

Floor plan

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A view of the stars

Two roof windows were also installed in the bathroom. You can look straight up from the bathtub into the sky - it's best in the evening, when you can see the stars. The master bedroom has been transformed into a bright, light-filled oasis thanks to the VELUX "Quartet" system solution - four window elements that form a glass surface from floor to ceiling on the garden facade.