With the cost of moving soaring, extending your home with a loft conversion is a great way to add space and value to your home. That’s exactly what Emily Stratton, interiors influencer at Fallow Grey, did with her stunning detached Victorian House in Kingston, London.

The original space had a low roof that left the space feeling a bit too squeezed for enough headroom to make a comfortable conversion. Emily’s builders resolved this by increasing the pitch of the roof to create more usable floor space and headroom within the property.

The perfect amount of daylight

Emily had four VELUX centre-pivot roof windows fitted in the bedroom and two in the bathroom, which has flooded the space with natural daylight.

Dormer windows and VELUX roof windows can be used in tandem, if your build allows, to create a bright, light and spacious loft conversion. However, Emily was set on choosing VELUX roof windows over dormers as they can be fitted flush to the existing roof so that the dynamics and aesthetics of the exterior of your home aren’t altered.
Learning from previous projects

Emily said: “We took a lot of inspiration from the VELUX website and tried to imagine how much space the roof windows would take up and how much light they would bring in to the space.

We converted our loft in our old house and always felt that we could have gone a little bigger on the VELUX roof windows so this time we were keen to go for a larger size. We’re so glad we did because our space is open and light and really adds a wow factor to the whole house.”

Emily had budgeted £60k to carry out the loft conversion and interior finishes. She said: “We went over our original budget by around £5k but we choose top quality products, which also included a beautiful roll top bath, which we didn’t plan for. The whole project took us 3 months to complete.

"I’m really pleased with how the master bedroom and bathroom has turned out. I’m very happy with the amount of daylight that comes in to both rooms through our VELUX roof windows and how they help create a bright and airy space. It’s completely reduced our reliance on artificial lighting."
- Emily, homeowner